Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013
Systemic Thinking for Sustainable Development

, consultant
, developer / trainer / consutlant


Scrum, XP, agile, kanban suggest principles & practices for delivering better quality software faster. This does not always work out as expected however. Some organizations get stuck in going through the motions or agile initiatives die out after some time. Other organizations are struggling with scaling up Scrum or other agile methods beyond their boundaries. 


Different situations require different models and practices. In order to grow an effective development organization and to ensure sustainable development, we need to evolve beyond rituals and practices touted as 'best'. We have to understand what methods work in which context and why! In this session, we will look at software development from a systemic & complexity perspective. We will look from the perspectives of systemic thinking and the Cynefin framework to different projects and organizations we have worked with. We will show how different situations require fundamentally different decision making approaches and how certain practices help you for example move out of the domain of complexity. 


We will focus on managing software development, but the presented perspectives have broad applicability.