Modern Management Methods conference, LeanKanban NL 2013
Unity of Purpose and Community of Trust: Preconditions for the Hyper-Productive Organization

, The Organizational Hyper-Productivity Expert

Organizational hyper-productivity seems like the mythological Chimera: powerful albeit a fantasy. However there are examples of organizations that have outperformed their competitors, contesting with opponents 10, 20 and even 50 times their size. Anytime organizational hyper-productivity has been observed, two foundational patterns were present. Hyper-productive organizations are always characterized by a deep and shared unity of purpose of all its individuals, and a community of trust amongst them. So "Unity of Purpose" and "Community of Trust" can be considered as necessary preconditions for the emergence of a hyper-productive organization. However, the majority of organizations actually employ metrics that effectively prevent these two foundational patterns from gaining a foot hold. The reason why organizations find it so difficult arrive at a hyper-productive state is more rooted in what gets measured, rather than in a lack of willingness or inability to improve. This presentation will show how it is possible to foster Unity of Purpose and Community of Trust simply by thinking differently about what gets measured; and thereby set the stage for improving towards the hyper-productive state.