Event Description

The ​Center ​for ​Mindfulness, ​Compassion ​and ​Resilience ​at ​Arizona ​State ​University ​unveils ​the ​power ​of ​mindful ​living ​to ​advance ​our ​well-being ​and ​engagement ​through ​learning ​and ​connecting ​with ​the ​larger ​community.

​This ​training ​aims ​to ​bring ​the ​larger ​community ​together ​in ​an ​educational ​setting ​to ​have ​open ​space ​for ​healthfulness, ​personal ​balance ​and ​resiliency ​conversations ​among ​students, ​employees, ​and ​the ​community ​by ​participating ​in ​our full-day Mindfulness Leadership ​Certificate ​workshop. ​

To lead mindfully, development and maintenance of a personal mindfulness practice is essential. During this workshop, we will discuss the mingling of mindfulness and leadership, but more importantly you will practice some of the eight ways to begin your own mindfulness regimen as laid out by Jon Kabat-Zinn:

  • Body scan
  • Sitting meditation
  • Yoga/movement
  • Breathwork for stress management
  • Dealing with emotional and physical discomfort
  • Mindful communication
  • Compassion and lovingkindness

Participants ​will ​learn ​how ​to ​incorporate ​mindfulness ​into ​their ​own ​lives ​as ​well ​as in their workplaces, communities or homes.