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CISA Student-Faculty Virtual Networking Event
Wednesday, September 29, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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United States

Start your journey towards your professional goals with your CISA professors! Network with instructors who have experience and expertise in a range of fields, or learn more about their research and undergraduate research opportunities. On the registration page, you will be able to select TWO (2) of the following faculty members whose work you are interested in.

ALL participating students will be entered into a drawing for a newly designed CISA t-shirt!!

Andi Hess, Instructor & Director of the Interdisciplinary Translation and Integration Sciences Initiative
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics:   Interdisciplinarity, Knowledge Integration, Science of Team Science, International Development, Eastern Europe, Science and Technology Studies, Study Abroad
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Retail Management & Corporate Training, FranklinCovey Productivity Consultant
Brent Scholar, Lecturer
Unit: Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics: Diversty, Equity and Inclusion
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Banking, Mortgage, Restaurants, Nonprofits
Current Research Opportunities:   I would be interested in hearing about your interests and supporting you where I can. If someone is interesting in working on gamifying a course, I would entertain someone to work during this exploration phase.
Brian Powers, Instructor
Unit:   Science and Mathematics
Research Topics:   Agent-based Modeling (fisheries), Game Theory (models of arbitration), Jury Deliberations, Statistics Education Software Development, Modeling Skillshares
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Ocean Conservancy, UBS Investment Bank
Current Research Opportunities:   Developing StatPowers.com further, modeling jury deliberations; these are a few projects at the forefront of my mind.
Dave Wells, Principal Lecturer
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative studies
Research Topics:   Public Policy Issues--varies (tax policy relative to investments in at risk children and other policy options, improving pay and access in labor markets, unemployment insurance improvements, criminal justice reform, education funding and outcomes, issues related to charter schools and private school vouchers, affordable housing challenges); project related to re-imagining public safety, other projects also emerge
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Research Director for the Grand Canyon Institute, a nonprofit public policy think tank (not part of ASU), where we work in coaltion with other groups depending on the issue (for instance, had a consortium focused on improving unemployment insurance that led to new legislation)
Current Research Opportunities:   I encourage you to talk with me about your interests, what you're looking for and your skills; we can go from there to see what might make sense (which can also include figuring out how we could use social media better).
David Oakes, Instructor
Unit: Science and Mathematics
Research Topics: Mathematical Modelling with a focus on biological systems
Duane Roen, Professor
Unit:  Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
Research Topics:   Science Communication, Risk Assessment, Extreme Heat and Weather Hazard Communication, Interdisciplinarity, Rhetoric of Expertise
Career Industries/Company Partners:   A range of companies, chambers of commerce, community colleges, K-12 districts, and community groups in the East Valley
Current Research Opportunities:   I'm happy to talk with students about working with me on writing projects. I'm also working with a group that is collecting oral histories for Tempe's 150th anniversary, and there are oppotunitiies to get involved with that project.
Edwin Jacob, Lecturer
Unit: Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics: American Foreign Policy, Modern Political Theory, Critical Security Studies
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University (2019-2020), Visiting Assistant Professor of International Relations with the Department of Political Science at Arkansas State University (2018-2019)
Current Research Opportunities:   I am very interested in securing a responsible research assistant(s) for a series of three manuscripts that are in various stages of development. The first project is a monograph that chronicles the American foreign policy teams from the end of the Cold War to the present (H.W. Bush to Biden) in ideological terms. The second manuscript is an anthology comprised of the subject of security in the Western political canon. Lastly, the third project is a collection of lectures on the philosophical foundations of human rights.
Elizabeth Castillo, Assistant Professor
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics:   Resources, Capabilities, Strategy, Prosocial Organizations, Social Accounting
Career Industries/Company Partners:   20 Years Management Experience in nonprofit organizations in Southern California, Currently active in Conscious Capitalism AZ chapter and International Humanistic Management Association US chapter
Current Research Opportunities: Currently positions would be unfunded but provide opportunities for writing papers, op-eds, and articles for professional publications. Topics include humanistic management, prosocial organizing, and social accounting.
Jackie Martinez, Associate Professor and Faculty Head
Unit: Languages and Cultures
Research Topics: Race, Gender, Sexuality, Applied Qualitative Research
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Arizona State University, University of Connecticut, Purdue University, Community Engagement
Jada Ach, Lecturer
Unit: Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics: Environmental and Desert Humanities, English, American Literature, Environmental History, Critical Theory, Interdisciplinary Studies, Science Studies, Animal Studies
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Former community college instructor, literary publishing, writing instruction and tutoring, environmental and desert humanities research, archival research
Current Research Opportunities:   I'm very open to working with students in IDS 401: Directed Study and assisting students with literary and academic publishing.
James Wermers, Clinical Assistant Professor
Unit:   Languages and Cultures
Research Topics:   AOIs: Race and Democracy, Shakespeare, Critical Pedaogogy, White Supremacy and the Canons; Current Project: A book project that explores the links between white supremacy and the teaching of Shakespeare in US America
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Marquette University, Mesa Community College
Jennifer Chandler, Lecturer Sr.
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics:   Critical Leadership Theory, Critical Whiteness, Leadership in Engineering, Leading and Leadership in Mentorship
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Professional Project Manager managing IT and business improvement projects for federal agencies, multinational for-profit corporations, and not-for-profit national associations
Current Research Opportunities:   I'm currently working with a PhD student who is examining leadership and mentorship with engineering grad students. I have obtained funding for an undergrad short term research on diversity, equity, and inclusion within engineering; I am also working with masters students in our MS OGL program, who are interested in examining "bad leadership."
Kat Lambrecht, Assistant Professor
Unit:   Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
Research Topics:   Science Communication, Risk Assessment, Extreme Heat and Weather Hazard Communication, Interdisciplinarity, Rhetoric of Expertise
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Desert Research Institute (Reno, Nevada), National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, University of Nevada, Reno, public health initiatives, secondary education
Current Research Opportunities: I am working on a grant with NOAA that will require hiring a PhD student working in visual communication for a few summers.
Kate McCain, Lecturer
Unit: Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics: Leader Identity Development, Leadership Storytelling-Narrarives, Dark Side of Leadership, Leader Identity and Mentoring, Leader Identity & Imposter Phenomenon (Syndrom)
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Training and Development Consultant for financial institutions, higher education instructor
Current Research Opportunities:   I'm very intersted in working with students who would like to work on research projects centered around leadership and storytelling; assistance would be unfunded, but could be a part of IDS 401. Students would gain experience in writing literature reviews, data collection, and qualitative analysis.
Keith Hollinger, Lecturer Sr.
Unit: Social Science
Research Topics: The Intersections of Social Political and Economic Inquiry, Peacebuilding, Conflict and Security
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Arizona State University; Virginia Polytechnic and State University; Assistant Regional Coordinator for AZ Site Stewards Program, Salt River District; industry experience in real estate finance, banking, private security, and small business management
Current Research Opportunities:   I currently have applied project opportunities available with the AZ Site Stewards and AZ Project Archaeology. These are volunteer programs that promote cultural awareness, history and social science education in the State of Arizona. Opportunities include projects to organize volunteer events for preservation activities at Arizona cultural and historical sites, helping develop public education resources about AZ Historical Sites, and many others.
Manu Aviles-Santiago, Associate Dean & Associate Professor
Unit:  Languages and Cultures
Research Topics: Latinx Studies, Latinx Media, TV Studies, Veteran Studies
Career Industries/Company Partners:   LGBT Advocacy; Veteran Organizations; PBS; Newsmedia
Marie-Louise Paulesc, Lecturer
Unit:   Languages and Cultures
Research Topics:   Public Memory, Diaspora, Teaching Communication
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Public Relations, Journalism, Non-profit, Event Planning, Cultural Management
Current Research Opportunities:   I would be interested in finding students willing to work on social media to develop a FB page and other types of social presence on propaganda and disinformation.
Michael Pryzdia, Lecturer Sr.
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics:   Integral Leadership, Artificial Intelligence
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Owner and Vice-President: Life Design, Inc.; Owner and Vice-President: PR Business Solutions; Owner and President: IQ2; Clients: Honeywell, Motorola, Intel, Indian Health Service, The Dial Corporation, Central Arizona Project, Arizona Game and Fish, Arizona State University, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Kyrene School Districts
Currrent Research Opportunities:   Possible: quantitative and qualitative research data entry relating to a survey pertaining to student responses to the presence of artificial intelligence in their daily lives.
Michael Feyrer, Instructor
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative Studies
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Artist: photography, multimedia, videogaphy, photojournalism, writing/reporting; Law Enforcement: correctional facilities; Emergeny Response Teams: chain of command, report writing; I/T Sales: technology sales, channel logistics, sales management, client engagement, account management; Refugee Resettlement: human rights issues, recently resettled refugee mentoring and issues in adaptation, orientation, job-hunting/technology skills
Michael Madson, Assistant Professor
Unit:   Interdisciplinary Humantities and Communication
Research Topics:   Healthcare Communication (including health literacy), the U.S. Opioid Crisis, the Cannabis Industry, Wayfinding in Hospitals
Career Industries/Company Partners:    Adult Emergency Department in U.S. Southeast (Level 1 trauma center); Comprehensive Academic Health Sciences Center in U.S. Southeast; "DocCom," which is associated with the Drexel School of Medicine; I'm currently trying to strike up collaborations with rural healthcare facilities here in AZ, but COVID has made collaborations a challenge
Current Research Opportunities:   Unfunded, but I welcome student collaborators who would like to: 1) interview or do focus groups with "budtenders" here in AZ, learning more about their risk perceptions; 2) assist with an integrative review on cannabis risk communication; 3) interview or do focus groups with UX professionals working in healthcare, to learn more about what UX means in that industry; or 4) do a "big data" study related to cannabis communication on social media. I'm also happy to talk with students about ~their~ current projects related to health and wellness.
Mickey Nakagome, Instructor
Unit:   Science, Mathematics, and Social Science
Research Topics:   Experienced Online Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, Education Professional skilled in educational technology, Student Development, and First Year Students
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Software Engineer of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan; Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineer of Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector in Mesa, Arizona
Rafael Martinez Orozco, Assistant Professor
Unit: Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
Research Topics: Immigration and Migration, U.S. Southwest, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Cultural Studies, Oral History, Chicana and Chicano Studies
Career Industries/Company Partners:   University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College, Non-Profits in New Mexico, Land Grants Research Center, Southwest Hispanic Research Center, Public Radio Host, Podcast Producer, grassroots organizations
Current Research Opportunities:   Possible research aide, potentially requiring photography experience.
Sharon Chanley, Instructor
Unit:   Leadership and Integrative Studies
Research Topics:   Public Policy: poverty, welfare, domestic violence, women's issues, political economy
Career Industries/Company Partners:    Former Executive Director of Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX and of AZ Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Current Research Opportunities:   I am willing to talk with students about research topics that they want to conduct if they fall into my areas of expertise.
Stephen Carradini, Assistant Professor
Unit:   Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
Research Topics:   Professional Social Media, Communication in Video Games, Kickstarter, Interdisciplinarity, Digital Ethics, Emerging Technologies (currently: AI)
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Social media management, technical communication, arts management, blogging, nonprofit communication, Former Full-time Arts Journalist/Web Master, managed a music blog for the last 18 years, managed a podcast on digital ethics for 7 years, Music Industry Professional for 8 years
Current Research Opportunities: Unfunded options only regarding coding and data collection, but I would be happy to talk with students about research topics that they want to conduct if they fall into my areas of expertise.
Vanessa Fonseca-Chavez, Assistant Dean & Assistant Professor
Unit:   Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication
Research Topics:   American Southwest, Oral Histories, Narratives of Place Making and Belonging, Chicanx Studies
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Collaboration with the Apache County Historical Society Museum, Co-director of an oral history project called Following the Manito Trail, Chicanx/Latinx professional organizations, editorial boards for scholarly journals, University of New Mexico, University of Wyoming, Arizona State University
Current Research Opportunities: Unfunded, but open to applying to grants with students to do work on oral histories, social media outreach, website development, and archival research focused on the Southwest U.S.
Yujin Park, Assistant Professor
Unit:   Science and Mathematics
Research Topics:   Sustainable food crop production, controlled environment agriculture, vertical farming, greenhouse production, horticulture
Career Industries/Company Partners:   Collaboration with companies related to vertical farming and production of greenhouse covering materials, professional greenhouse growers and farmers, seed companies, horticulture companies
Current Research Opportunities: Undergraduate and graduate research assistants positions are open.
We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!