2010 NA MPS Conference
Event Description

Following the successful and highly acclaimed inaugural Managed Print Services Conference held in April 2009, Photizo Group is now preparing for the second annual MPS Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The objective for this conference is to provide MPS decision makers, vendors and channel partners the opportunity to share their insights and experiences regarding successful MPS engagements. The conference will feature case studies, panels, exhibitions and interactive sessions which will highlight successful approaches and valuable take-aways from actual MPS engagements.

Preceding the main conference will be an introductory pre-conference seminar aimed at participants with less background and knowledge in the world of managed print. Pre-conference sessions will be offered for both end users and channel partners. These sessions will concentrate on providing a solid foundation of the subject and offering practical strategies when selecting an appropriate MPS partner or provider for first-time MPS engagements.

The conference itself will feature two tracks. The first track is for end users (CIOs, CFOs, IT Managers, Facilities Managers and Purchasing Departments) who have implemented MPS or are looking to implement MPS in the future. This track will consist of best practices, case studies, how-to guides and more. The second track is targeted at vendors, resellers and infrastructure providers, and will include information on the newly-emerging hybrid channel, guides on infrastructure, best practices, research data supporting MPS above and beyond typical anecdotal evidence, projections about the market and more.