The Screenwriters World Conference is getting rave reviews!

Anyone who has been to the Screenwriters World Conference will tell you the same thing: it was worth it! With a chance to get advice from people inside the industry, talk with agents and editors and get notes on your script, this invaluable experience gets you one step closer to your dream of being a successful screenwriter. You’ll understand why this unique event stands out from the rest through these glowing testimonials from past attendees.


"Greenstem Enterprises Inc's project "Grant it!-the movie" (currently in development) got its beginnings during the 2012 Screenwriters World Conference in Los Angeles, CA.  Gloria Hunter pitched her documentary about following a grant writer's journey of research and writing a project to Greenstem Execs, Julia Stemock and Benjamin Easterday.  The idea was a true match to a project Greenstem had begun a few years earlier called "First Nations Removed".  With the need for a professional Grant Writer and specific grants being sought after to complete the project, Greenstem had a medium on which Ms. Hunter's documentary could be observed and shot as "subject matter".  Grant it! is expected to launch an online learning site by early 2014 along with a training DVD/ROM package being ready for distribution by summer 2014.  The documentary film will be release the following year in 2015." - Benjamin Easterday, Greenstem Enterprises Inc. (Greenstem will be at the 2013 Pitch Slam!)

"Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to be a part of your event this past weekend! It was so well put together and professional. I met so many people (both writers and industry folks alike) and had a wonderful time. By far one of the best I’ve been to." - Emily Sclar, Judy Boals, Inc. - A Talent and Literary Agency

"I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in Pitch Slam yesterday. I am happy to report that I found 3 writers to interview for a cable series I have been hired to develop, as well as 6 scripts that we are reviewing for option. As exhausting as the day was...
What a phenomenal way to meet with writers and learn about their work!" - Mylo Carbia, ZOHAR FILMS

"It was truly a wonderful event and will of course keep you updated!  Thank you so much." - Anthony Aiello, onentertainment

"Thank you so much for getting us involved with the conference even though we were a late addition.  We truly enjoyed the experience and can't wait to read some of the material sent to us.  We are absolutely interested in the LA conference in September." - Nick, Weintraub Films

"It was our pleasure. This was our first time at Pitch Slam and we enjoyed every minute of it! Good luck out west." - Patrick, Companion Pictures

From Attendees:

"Equal parts inspiration and practical ideas! Multiple strategies communicated in a range of areas including writing and pitching. An exciting opportunity to immerse oneself in a community of writers who are passionate and committed. The sessions were invaluable and provided practical advice from professionals in the field."  - Thomas DeRoberto

"A rich mix of professionals, trainers, and companies - along with us writers - looking to find the right fit. From the basics to the fine points to the business, the pace and choices were just right for what I wanted - a chance to move my game up several levels." - Cynthia Brzak

"As someone new to the business, I learned an enormous amount about how the film industry works over these three days - an invaluable, and time-saving, experience - thank you!" - Melanie McDonald

"I had written a couple of screenplays and had sent out a bunch of query letters and received less than minimal response. I decided to drive in for the one day "Pitchfest" on Saturday. I was able to pitch to about fifteen different production companies, and three told me to send in my screenplay for review. There is nothing like making face-to-face contact. Plus, I made some other contacts and obtained valuable information." - Richard A. Pacia

"The Screenwriters World Conference was a tremendous learning experience as well as a great networking opportunity. I pitched to 13 production companies and agencies and received 9 requests for more information about my script. I also met fellow writers and some of the wonderful people who put the conference together." - Ramon Zapata Jr.

"I enjoyed the conference and received valuable feedback, ending up with 10 business cards and many requests for my work, so it was worth it the time and money to attend. I also met some really nice people along the way who I'm still in touch with." - Stephen Owens

"The best weekend of my life. I met so many people from all over and got insider tips from working screenwriters, producers, agents, and studios. Pitch slam was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jeanne Bowerman is so awesome!" - Mark Mancini

"Ms. Stanton, Just a quick follow-up to say how much I enjoyed your presentation - How to get a Movie Star Excited about Your Script.  I especially enjoyed your many ideas of getting access to A-List actors as well as a letter campaign. I probably took more notes home from your session than any other presenter.  Seemed like everyone walked away pretty jazzed - me too!" - James Breckenridge