Drive in Movie at ASU West March 5, 2021


Drive in Events at ASU West campus
These events are FREE for our community

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  • ASU West, 4701 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, AZ 85306
  • South east corner of campus, Parking lot 20

Parking will begin at 6:00PM and the event will begin at 7:00PM

Who is putting these events on?
Arizona State University New College and The City of Glendale Parks and recreation department are partnering to provide free events to our community

What is the 'theme' all about?

  • For every event we will have a theme to add to the fun
  • Decorate your vehicle and yourself to make the event even more festive
  • We will pick 2-3 cars that best demonstrate the theme
  • Please remember it's not about winning, it's about creating the fun

How do you hear the BINGO or Movies?

When you arrive you will be told a radio station to tune in to - that will be where the BINGO calls and movies will be broadcast

Checking In
You will drive through 2 stations

Station one questions:

  1. name of the person the registration is under
  2. confirm how many guests are in your car

Station two:

  1. confirm how many guests are in your car - hand out supplies
  2. direct you to parking

For both of the Drive in Movie nights there will be portable bathrooms available
For the Drive in BINGO nights bathrooms are not available

Playing BINGO at the movies?
We will play 3 games of BINGO before the movie starts just for fun

How does Drive in BINGO work? 

  • We provide BINGO cards, pattern sheets and prize sheets
  • Tune your radio to the given station
  • You follow along as BINGO numbers are called
  • When you get a BINGO honk your horn and flash your lights
  • You print your first and last name on the back of the winning BINGO sheet
  • We take the sheet and verify the win
  • You pick from the amazing list of prizes

Do we have to register for each event?

  • Yes, please complete the quick registration for each event you will be attending
  • Guests without a registration may be turned away if we sell out our tickets

COVID-19 guidelines

  • All guests must remain in their vehicle (or back of their truck)throughout the evening
  • On Drive in Movie nights there will be portable bathrooms and washing stations.
  • Guests must remain 6 feet apart while waiting to use the facilities
  • ASU and the City of Glendale all practice social distancing and CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19