SciPy 2021
Biology & Neuroscience
Discovering directed transport of RNA in skeletal muscle by 3D microscopy image analysis and Markov chain simulation
Scaling Science: leveraging Dask for life sciences
Computational Social Science & Digital Humanities
Agent-based modelling for studying the past
Event Flow: a workflow to examine the interplay between events and the flow of information in historical newspapers
Telling the Tale: Narratives and Emotional Intensity in Political Texts
Visualizing Intersectionality using Python
What is Feminist Data Science?
Data Visualization & Image Processing
Big data, low effort: out-of-core visualization with the napari image viewer
Creating advanced machine vision applications using Python and 3D depth sensing
cuCIM - A GPU image I/O and processing library
Data Visualization as The First and Last Mile of Data Science: Plotly Express and Dash
itkwidgets: Interactive Web-based 3D and 2D Spatial Visualization for Python
Light Up Your Data with Streamlit
Needles in the haystack: Easy interactive dashboards allowing single-point selection in billion-row datasets
Plotting is easy, Graphics Acceleration is hard: Let’s do Videos instead!
Scaling up Python for Geo with Distributed Computing
Earth, Ocean, Geo, & Atmospheric Science
Deep Learning with Python for Natural Disaster Relief from Satellite Imagery
Intelligent irrigation management using crop-models, optimization and machine learning
It's Time for the Atmospheric Science Community to ACT Together
Ocetrac: morphological image processing for monitoring ocean temperature extremes
Predicting the economic impact of COVID-19 using real-time images from space
Python Framework to ease access to Climate and Weather Data in Machine Learning
Using Python to Measure Seismic Silences and Bring Geoscience Projects to Students during COVID19 Lockdown
A Review of Linear Programming for Python
A Tour of Property-Based Testing: how I find bugs with the scientific method
Building SciPy Kernels with Pythran
Building the NetworkX developer community
Defeat obscure file formats with Parsita
Fuzzy environments for the perturbation, evaluation, and application of numerical uncertainty via Monte Carlo Arithmetic in the scientific Python ecosystem
Monitoring Scientific Python Usage on a Supercomputer
Multithreaded parallel Python through OpenMP support in Numba.
Performance Analysis with Timemory
Portable performance on multi-threaded Sparse BLAS operations with PyRSB
signac: Data Management and Workflows for Computational Researchers
Machine Learning & Data Science
Build and Distribute Data Science Apps with Pyodide
dame-flame: A Python Library For Interpretable Matching for Causal Inference
EELSpecNet: A Deep Learning Solution for Spectral Deconvolution of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy in Python
Learning spatial similarity using a generative model on map data
Modern Time Series Analysis with STUMPY
Natural Language Processing with Pandas DataFrames
Practical approaches for efficient hyperparameter optimization with Oríon
PyNNDescent: Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search with Numba
Speedup your model scoring with Hummingbird
The need for serverless Python
Maintainers Track
A year in Spyder development: New debugger, user interface and API
Adopting typing in scientific projects
Pandera: towards better testing tools for data science and machine learning
Scaling Python and ML with Ray
Towards data science for all: making JupyterLab accessible
Physics & Astronomy
Accelerating Spectroscopic Data Processing Using Python and GPUs on NERSC Supercomputers
Conformal mapping with sympy: Towards python-driven analytical modelling in physics
Distributed statistical inference with pyhf powered by funcX
Physics Roundtable: "State of the Field: Sustainable Software and Community"
(D)Ask me Anything About Data Analytics at Scale
Bayesian Data Science by Simulation
Bioimage analysis fundamentals in Python
Fairness in AI Systems: From Social Context to Practice using Fairlearn
Hands-On Introduction to Property-Based Testing for Science
HoloViz: Visualize all your data easily, from notebooks to dashboards
Introduction to Numerical Computing With NumPy
Introduction to Python and Programming
Learn Python Through Data Processing in Pandas
Magical NumPy with JAX
The Jupyter Interactive Widget Ecosystem
Network Analysis Made Simple