(MI-IN) BLOOD CANCER & COVID: Your Questions Answered

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Your Questions Answered

March 24, 2021

Virtual/Online program through Zoom

Program: 2:00 pm  - 3:30 pm


Dr. Jose M. Azar
Hematologist/Oncologist, IU Health Simon Cancer Center
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Dr. Azar is passionate about discovering and researching non-chemotherapy-based therapies such as molecular targeted therapy and immune therapy. He has been practicing at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center since 2009. He also serves as the Chief Quality Officer for IU Health Adult Academic Health Centers and the Chief Engagement Officer for the IU Center for Healthcare Innovation and Implementation Science. In these roles, he leads developing and implementing innovative strategies to improve safety, infection prevention, process improvement and patient experience. He has co-developed the novel methodology of Agile Science to improve and transform the healthcare system.

Dr. Lana Dbeibo
Medical Director for Infection Prevention, IU Health
Assitant Professor of Clinical Medicine, IU School of Medicine

During the ongoing COVID pandemic, Dr. Dbeibo is involved in leading the COVID response at one of the state's largest hospitals and has been recruited to serve on the Indiana University Medical Response Team that is charged with the reopening of Indiana University, where she leads the outbreak investigation and response work for the school. She currently serves as the director for vaccine initiatives at Indiana University. 


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic leaves many blood cancer patients, survivors, and family members with questions about how the latest news and developments may impact them individually. We know this is important information for our community, and we are pleased to offer this educational opportunity co-led by an infectious disease physician and oncologist/hematologist.

Together, Dr. Azar and Dr. Dbeibo will share medical updates regarding blood cancers and COVID-19, and they will answer your questions about COVID and blood cancers, including precautions for patients, vaccines currently available, and more. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to engage directly with medical professionals about your COVID-related questions and concerns. Patients and their caregivers are encouraged to join us!


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