eSeminar: Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors
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Event Details
eSeminar: Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors
February 16 - February 18, 2021
12:00 pm - 3:15 pm
Event Description

Location: Virtual


Pricing:   Members : $500.00  Non-members : $780.00

In The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Competency Framework, critical thinking is one of the key required personal skills identified — and most organizations consider it an indispensable skill for their internal auditors. Critical thinking leads to improved decision-making and can result in better organizational performance. In this course, we will examine the various facets and components of this important core competency.

Effective critical thinking involves collecting and analyzing information, drawing compelling conclusions, and providing recommendations. It helps not only drive personal success but also better enables companies to achieve their strategic objectives. Critical thinking is often the central ingredient necessary for providing insights that help management better manage risk and create a sustainable control environment.

This course demonstrates how critical thinking can be weaved throughout key elements of the audit process such as risk assessments, interviewing, testing and analysis, process documentation, and reporting. Critical thinking is disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence, which makes it ideally suited for application in an audit setting. The critical thinking concepts and practices presented are designed to enhance audit effectiveness and deliver measurable value to audit customers that win internal audit a seat at the table for key business decisions.

This course is designed for:


  • Chief audit executives who would like to incorporate critical thinking into the internal audit strategy and methodology of the department, in addition to the recruiting, training, and evaluation of audit staff.
  • Audit managers interested in learning how to integrate critical thinking throughout the stages of the audit cycle — from risk assessments to reporting.
  • Lead auditors who want to employ critical thinking skills in conversations with management and in the development of audit observations.
  • Senior and staff auditors seeking an opportunity to enhance their audit interviewing techniques and the quality of their workpapers.

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Course Duration:                1 Day - PLEASE NOTE: This online seminar is divided into 2 sessions; 3 hours each. The first session is February 16, 12:00pm ET. The second session is February 18, 12:00pm ET.


CPE Hours Available:        8 hours


Knowledge Level:              Intermediate


Field of Study:                     Auditing


Prerequisites:                      Participants should have 3-5 years' experience in internal audit


Advance Preparation:         None


Delivery Method:                Group Live Internet Based