2020 WCO Operation STOP Webinar



The WCO is organizing on October 6, 2020 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Brussels time, the webinar for the release of the Operation STOP report. While the world has been coming to grips with the COVID-19 crisis, criminal organizations have been taking advantage of it to engage in fraudulent activities. Operation STOP is the immediate and urgent response of the WCO, 99 of its Members and its RILOs, with the support of the WHO, UNODC, INTERPOL, Europol, OLAF and the private sector NOVARTIS, SERVIER, PFIZER, SANOFI, UL to the resurgence in the illegal trafficking of medicines and medical supplies linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. For 63 days, the participating Members simultaneously carried out targeted inspections of consignments that were likely to contain certain types of counterfeit, substandard and/or illicit pharmaceutical products and other medical supplies. The Operation highlighted the importance of Customs as the first line of defense against counterfeit and substandard products which severely impact the well-being of citizens and the trust and confidence in the medical supply chain.

The Webinar will provide a comprehensive summary of the outcomes of the Operation by highlighting Members’ and other stakeholders’ efforts to in the successful implementation of this initiative.This will be also an opportunity to address the main challenges encountered and consider potential future options to tackle illicit trade in the context of COVID-19 or others pandemics.

We look forward to welcoming Members and external stakeholder partners to this important webinar.