Regional AONN+ Certification Exam Registration
AONN+ Foundation for Learning is proud to offer certification in a city near you!
Due to COVID-19, AONN+ had to convert its in-person conferences into a virtual experience, consequently affecting the certification exam offerings. In response, AONN+ FFL, Inc. deployed a survey querying interest regarding Fall 2020 opportunities to take the Oncology Nurse Navigator-Certified Generalist (ONN-CG) and Oncology Patient Navigator-Certified Generalist (OPN-CG) exams at regional locations. By popular demand, these locations were selected:
New Jersey
Miami, FL
Austin, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
The test date for each location is Saturday, November 14, 2020.
Further details will be available shortly.
Only click "New Registration" if your documentation is ready to be uploaded, and you are ready to provide payment. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you choose to pay by check, you will NOT receive approval to test until your check is received.
*PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to submit an application is Saturday, October 24, at 11:59 PM. No exceptions will be made.*
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AONN+ Certification Scope:
The purpose of the Oncology Nurse Navigator–Certified Generalist (ONN-CG) and the Oncology Patient Navigator–Certified Generalist (OPN-CG) certifications is to ensure that clinical nurse and patient navigators have the knowledge to competently demonstrate effective navigation services across the cancer care continuum within their scope of practice.
For eligibility information specific to each examination please visit the below links:
Reasonable accommodations for testing shall be provided at no cost to candidates with special medical needs covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act who submit the Special Accommodations Request Form, along with the Documentation of Disability-Related Needs. AONN+ may submit information regarding the stated disability and requested accommodation to its own expert advisers and reserves the right to provide only those reasonable accommodations as required by law.
Impact of COVID-19 on AONN+ FFL, Inc Certification
AONN+ FFL continues to offer regional testing locations within the United States following all local and federal guidelines. Due to the volatility of COVID-19, government guidelines may change frequently and/or quickly. As this may impact testing capacity and/or operations at AONN+ FFL, Inc and host sites, please check your County/ State specific testing information often. For the latest updates regarding COVID-19 in general and best practices for overall health and safety, please visit 
If AONN+ FFL, Inc closes a testing site, candidates will be reimbursed for their application fee and candidate applications will be held for 1 year from the date of acceptance. Candidates sitting for a future exam will pay a new application fee.  
We are committed to communicating closures to candidates as soon as possible to help ensure candidates are informed and to reduce stress and uncertainty ahead of exam day. We also recommend that candidates check AONN+ FFL, Inc website on the morning of the exam.
Please check the AONN+ FFL, Inc. website regularly for updated communications at 

For more information on AONN+ Certification, please click here or email