Webinar: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – What Does the CAE Need to Know?
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Event Details
Webinar: Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – What Does the CAE Need to Know?
February 23, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Event Description

From the advent of corporate social responsibility through to the adoption and implementation of Environmental, Social & Governance priorities today, the role of corporations is changing at a rate not previously seen. The move from “shareholder primacy” in the 1970’s as the sole goal of a corporation to the escalating social issues putting a spotlight on what role a corporation is to play today in addressing and influencing meaningful change is translating into an adjusted course for long-term, sustainable value. Issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion, discrimination, carbon footprint, good corporate governance and a myriad of other issues is now the requisite role for responsible corporate citizens beyond financial performance. 
Yet changes are not just impacting which financially material issues are identified and reported, it is changing the expectations set by all manner of stakeholders, including the role of internal audit. Dependent upon the maturity of ESG adoption, internal audit has an opportunity to play the role as auditor and/or strategic advisor. Change being driven by regulatory bodies, governments, finance, accounting standards, stock exchanges or other entities will impact, if not is already impacting, your corporation. 
Topics to include:
  • Understanding global ESG frameworks
  • Understanding global rating agencies
  • Emerging trends in sustainability from 1970 to today
  • Assessing compliance with financing conditions (sustainability conditions linked to bail-out funding/bank lending)
  • Assessing compliance with changing accounting guidelines (IFRS sustainability evolution to integrated reporting)
  • Government mandates, climate commitments and impacts to corporations (stories such as mandated TCFD reporting in UK by 2025 for all companies)
  • Understanding necessary data required for ESG measurement and disclosure
  • Validating the control environment for management systems necessary to collect, manage and disseminate information
  • Understand required disclosures and validate disclosures in separate and/or integrated reports
  • Evaluate the integration of ESG into the enterprise-wide risk management program including linkage to strategy
  • Evaluate the ability/capacity of culture to drive sustainable change
  • Begin a change agent to raise awareness at the board and C-suite levels - what the board needs to know
About our speaker
Edward Olson is a Regional Leader with MNP’s Enterprise Risk Services practice based in Kelowna, British Columbia, drawing on more than two decades of Canadian and international experience. He is a Certified Internal Auditor and has been deeply involved in internal audit whether in various capacities with the Institute of Internal Auditors, as the Chief Audit Executive leading internal audit and risk management at a Canadian electric power and gas distribution/retail company, or in acting as outsourced Chief Audit Executive for several of his clients. He provides enterprise risk management, internal audit, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, process efficiency, performance improvement and value for money audits. He works directly with executive leadership teams, boards, internal audit and compliance departments as well as industry regulators. He has deep industry experience in utilities, financial services, education, public sector as well as government and government agencies. Edward is also responsible for spearheading ESG at MNP across all industries and clientele. He assists his clients with environmental, social and governance sustainability awareness and adoption including identification, measurement, management and reporting of financially material issues. His experience also includes evaluating the implications and impacts of greenhouse gas reductions and the need of clientele to identify the existence of carbon credits for potential
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