Tech Jam Webinar Series | Automobile - June 2020
Tech Jam Series | Automobile
Join the Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Solutions team for our 30-minute Tech Jam Webcast series targeted for ML/AI Platforms for ADAS / AD development. 
Who Should Join
Data Scientists, Data Engineers, DevOps/MLOps Engineers, Storage Directors, IT Directors
What's In it For You? 

OEMs and Tier-1 Automotive suppliers and start-ups alike are rapidly responding to supporting data at scale by looking at ways to help their organizations gain insights on how to manage and develop ADAS/AD solutions and the data centers required to support that development. Topics ranging from the initial sensor data capture through leveraging that data in AI/ML/DL for model development, to final test and validation will be covered. 



9 | How to optimize ML/AI Platforms for Autonomous Driving

  • Gain insights into Dell’s Storage tier for ML Infrastructure
  • Learn about data science platforms, pain points, and how to address with Isilon centric solution
  • How to overcome MLOps/DevOps pain points
  • Presenters: Yochay Ettun, co-founder and CEO,

23 | What is Ground Truth Reference Data Collection?

  • Gain insights into latest methodologies for ADAS/AD sensor data collection
  • Learn about data annotation options, including real-time in-vehicle solutions
  • Presenters: Dr. Armin Engstle, Department Manager ADAS / AD Validation, AVL Software and Functions GmbH, Dr. Florian Baumann, ADAS / AI CTO, Dell Technologies

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