Moon to Mars: Mission, Resources, and Digital Badges Overview
Tuesday 03/10/2020
6:00 pm (Eastern Time)
FREE 1-hour Webinar
Educators in Grades K-12
The NASA STEM EPDC at Texas State University is providing a free 1-hour webinar.

As NASA expands human exploration by visiting the Moon and then Mars, deep space exploration will require innovations in transportation that demonstrate new technologies, capabilities and business approaches. This webinar begins with a big-picture overview of NASA’s Artemis Program – the new Lunar Exploration program under the broader Moon to Mars exploration approach. The second part of the webinar will cover the educational resources associated with the Artemis Program – the curriculum modules, student challenges, and educator training opportunities.Participants will also get an overview of newly released digital badges for educators and students. The resources shared are relevant to K-12 students, undergraduate students, and educators; and are aligned with National Standards in Science and Mathematics.

Deepika is a NASA Education Specialist at Texas State University. She works to support NASA EPDC efforts nationally both face-to-face and virtually. Deepika has worked in STEM Education in various capacities – as a researcher, educator, outreach coordinator, member of a non-profit startup, and K-8 Educator. She has enjoyed building diverse experiences in STEM education and hopes to add unique value to Educator Profession Development at NASA. Deepika has degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Mysore, India (Bachelors), University of Maryland, College Park (Masters), and Purdue University (Ph. D.) where she researched how to teach fundamental disciplinary concepts in Electrical Engineering.