Missional Church Consultation Initiative 2020

Breakthrough Prayer Initiative Training Event

Every church recognizes prayer as important. But what happens when a congregation unites to pray collectively and consistently for God to break through in new and miraculous ways? You can launch your congregation into the kind of churchwide breakthrough prayer initiative that fuels the atmosphere of possibility, and the entire focus begins to shift from inward to up-and-outward. It's easier than you think--and the results will make spiritual history right in your own community and beyond.

Breakthrough prayer can be added into what already happens in the daily life of your congregation--and this workshop will provide equipping plus many stories, practical examples and ideas of how other United Methodist congregations across the country have done so with innovation and impact. Additionally, learn how you can utilize breakthrough prayer through key aspects of your weekly worship service, and develop your church's heart to reach its neighborhood with the message and love of Christ.

Each church must bring a team consisting of the pastor plus at least five of your members (or as many as you like) in order to attend, in order that implementation of the training is effective.

Missional Church Consultation Initiative 2020
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sugar River UMC
415 W Verona Ave
Verona, WI