Top 10 Reasons to Participate

1.    Idea Labs: Experience first-hand the power of “gamification” by being part of a team competing to generate the most innovative ideas throughout the event. Win or lose, your reward will be more great takeaway ideas than have ever been collected at any two-day event.

2.    Continuous Interaction: Workshops, discussion groups, and town-hall dialog are the rule rather than the exception. Instead
of the audience asking speakers questions, speakers will ask you the questions—how to solve business challenges and capitalize on opportunities. There are no attendees at this event, only participants.

3.    Three Streams: All sessions map to three topic streams that are proven game changers only when applied in tandem: Business Strategy, People Power and Technology Differentiators.

4.    Business Perspective Foremost: CIOs must be business leaders first and foremost. And so this conference will be a business event, anchored by the compelling context and perspective of chief executive and marketing officers, among others.

5.    Tap the Trends: Get in step with the latest challenges and opportunities of customer engagement via social, mobile and “gamification.” Turn big data into practical predictive analysis. Explore the exponential power of IT combined with marketing.

6.    Meet the Stars: Take advantage of the unique opportunity to engage with both Hall of Fame IT leaders and rising stars destined to be tomorrow’s standout CIOs. Both the 2013 CIO Hall of Fame inductees and the Ones to Watch will be honored and integrated into the agenda.

7.    Connect with the Council:  This is the CIO Executive Council’s yearly event, with more members present than at any other in-person venue. Find out what they are doing to influence business and ensure the success of all in our great profession.

8.    Group Mentoring: If you have yet to reach the rank of CIO, our Leadership Training Camp is tailor made for you. Don’t miss the chance for two fast-paced hours of career and leadership development mentoring from Hall of Fame and veteran CIOs who know what it takes to become “Future-State CIOs.”

9.    Company Relevance: While many speakers come from global Fortune 500 enterprises, key sessions will feature the mid-market company perspective as well. And a cross-section of transforming industries will be showcased, including healthcare, consumer and financial services.

10.   Boca Raton, Florida, in Springtime: Nuff said.