Mastercard Academy

Risk Management for Acquirers and Issuers – basic course

19 & 20 November 2019, Athens

This seminar aims to get straight to the heart of the main issues facing issuers and acquirers in their fight against fraud, it also examines the current payment environment and looks at fraud-prevention techniques and best practices.

Participants will learn about the main threats facing issuers and acquirers, as well as the actions they can take to protect against losses. It also demonstrates technology solutions to make transactions more secure, as well as Mastercard requirements in terms of fraud prevention, detection and resolution.

Available via On-demand seminar Open

On Demand OD
Duration 2 days
Of interest to Issuer - Acquirer - Service provider
Level Get started
Profile Risk manager - Fraud manager - Operations

Venue info:

Mastercard office
23, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, 7th floor
Athens, Greece

  • Fraud figures and trends
  • Issuer/Acquirer risk management and risk strategy
  • Mastercard standards
  • Fraud authorisation and detection strategies
  • Fraud figures and trends
  • Merchant fraud solutions