2020 Level 3 Step 1 - Application


"In KRI's Level Three program, one becomes a teacher, a teacher of truth and spirit. You develop the ability to penetrate and communicate through your presence alone and uplift the students through your subtle body. This is the teacher of the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian Teacher. Students experience the truth within them through your intention, projection, and purity... Remember - as a Teacher, anything and everything you do must upgrade the other person." ~ Yogi Bhajan, 1996
The Level Three program is a personal journey to Self-Realization. In it we refine our authentic identity as a Teacher and deeper our unique relationship to the Sacred. It is a 1,000 consecutive day commitment to: 
+ Participating with your peers in dialogue sessions
+ Diving deep into the meditative mind
+ Cultivating spiritual maturity
+ Developing an attitude of selfless service through seva
+ Attending at least 3 full Melas (Level Three gatherings)

COST (estimate)
+ One time Level Three application fee of $108 (non-refundable)
+ Annual Level Three Mela fee of approximately $500 or €500 for either the US Mela or EU Mela (plus travel and housing) per year; 3 out of 4 years are required.
+ Related expenses for completing all requirements during the program (such as 18 days of intensive group meditation). Read the Level Three Overview for more details.

*Important* - Only apply if you have completed all prerequisites. Read the Level Three Overview for all prerequisites. 

Submit the online application $108 fee; choose the location where you would like to participate - a new cohort (group) will start in the United States and another in Europe. Wherever you start is where you will need to continue attending Melas. 

PRINT & COMPLETE these forms before starting your application. You will need to upload them into your Level Three application. 
1) Self Responsibility Agreement
2) Code of Ethics
3) Health Questionnaire

Applications will be reviewed and information about Step Two will be emailed upon KRI approval. Expect up to one month before you hear back about your application. 

Submit completed Self-Reflection form along with three Letters of Reflection. 
You will be emailed a link to the Self-Reflection form after your Step One application has been approved. 

                DEADLINE May 1, 2020 (EU)

Register and pay for the United States or European Mela. 
Upon submission of the Self-Reflection form you will be emailed a link to register and pay for the Mela. 

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Espanola, New Mexico, United States
June 14 - 16, 2020
Program begins in the afternoon June 14 and includes the option to attend Gudwara on June 15. 

  Fondjouan, France
July 2020


"...You get a really deep experience of yourself as reflected through your peer group and you get a deep reflection of yourself through your own thousand day meditation practice... And then you get to express yourself through your Seva legacy and it really gets to be something that's you, that you didn't even know was you when you began..." - Sat Purkh Kaur, graduate

"... I feel it made a very big difference in my life especially it gave me another sense of practicing a meditation. It definitely encouraged my karma yoga. And I found a few new friends in a kind of new depth of relationship so I can really recommend the process. Go into it with an open mind and I think you will be surprised." - Satya Singh, graduate

"I feel like I have arrived home." - Level Three participant

"Sometimes inspiring, sometimes challenging, sometimes frustrating, sometimes fun. Always adding something and always insightful." 
- Level Three participant

Your questions may be directed to Upma Kaur at levelthree@kriteachings.org