Food, Ag & Health Entrepreneurship Academy
Food, Ag & Health Entrepreneurship Academy
03/09 - 03/11/2020
UC Davis International Center
Multipurpose Room
463 California Ave, Davis, CA, 95616

Move your research out of the lab and into the world—where it can make a real difference.

The Food, Ag & Health Entrepreneurship Academy is an intensive commercialization program for students, postdocs and faculty who want to identify, design and validate market opportunities for their research. It is a springboard for moving research out of the lab and into the world.

During a three-day program, the academy provides the opportunity to:

  • Learn to analyze, enhance and communicate the broader potential impact of your research.
  • Explore commercial opportunities surrounding your technology.
  • Develop a network of professionals who can help mentor and connect you as you move forward with your career or new venture.

The academy combines focused lectures, practical exercises, networking sessions and hands-on experiences in an innovative format to help you explore how your research can make a broader impact in industry, the marketplace and the world. You’ll learn to identify market needs and opportunities, develop a network of experts to support your venture—and create agriculture ‘food chain’ clusters of innovation.

Sponsored by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Innovation Institute for Food and Health.


Past academy participants say...

'The academy helped me to think both narrowly and broadly about my project: how to simplify it into an elevator pitch and also how it connects so many different people and resources in an expansive network.'

'The academy is a great experience to learn about the next steps for taking your idea forward. Spoiler: It's all about the network!'