2020 National Career Development Summit
The 2020 National Career Development Summit

The Summit is hosted by The Coalition for Career Development.

The Coalition for Career Development represents many of the nation’s leading government, business and education organizations. The more than three dozen members of our Advisory Board include the National Governors Association, Council of Chief State School Officers, IBM, Education Commission of the States, and National Association of Workforce Boards.

The Coalition’s Vision:

The Coalition for Career Development is committed to making career readiness the first priority of American education. We believe that providing ALL learners with high-quality career development services and technology will help ensure that they secure productive employment in their chosen career as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. This will also better meet the needs of employers for a skilled workforce, elevate the dignity of all work and help more young people achieve the American Dream.

Summit Details: 

2020 National Career Development Summit
January 8, 2020
Renaissance Downtown Hotel | Washington, D.C.

Click here to reserve your room . The discounted room rate has been extended until midnight on December 26th, 2019.

Summit Overview

The 2020 National Career Development Summit is designed to strengthen and accelerate the movement to make career readiness the central priority of American education. It will bring together prominent leaders from education, business, and the federal and state governments who are committed to this effort.

The 2020 Summit will build on the first National Career Development Summit, which the Coalition held at the Renaissance Hotel in September, 2018. Participants in that Summit helped shape the Coalition’s White Paper, Career Readiness for All.  The White Paper was formally released at the U.S. Capitol in April.

Invited speakers will include Governors, Congressional leaders from both parties, officials from the Administration, and prominent CEOs and educators. Click here to check out the agenda from last year’s Summit to see the impressive roster of speakers we attracted.

All participants in the 2020 Summit will take part in facilitated breakout sessions at which they will be asked to help refine and endorse the Coalition’s Action Plan for achieving the goal of providing all learners with high-quality career development services and technology.  All participants will also be encouraged to make a pledge of what they or their organization can do to promote career development in the coming year.  This Summit will be designed to spur action!