Calgary L&L Series | Symmetry Flare | September 25, 2019

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Unified Flare Modeling from Process to Flare Tip

Join us for a Lunch and Learn to learn about workflows for verifying the safety of a flare system in the Symmetry* Process Software platform.

Flare system design is made particularly challenging by the traditional need for multiple programs and laborious, error-prone data transfer between them. In addition, the process requires multiple iterations as changes are made in different areas of the system. We will present how the Symmetry process platform addresses these challenges through some use cases that highlight the benefits of seamless integration between PSV's, the header network, and flame radiation, between the process model and the flare system, and between steady-state and dynamic analysis. 

Presenter: Angela Solano

The Symmetry Process Software platform is the latest addition to the Schlumberger software portfolio. 


Limited sandwich lunches are provided, if you have specific dietary needs, feel free to bring your own lunch and join us.

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