Mastercard Academy

Academy Accelerator Week

Dispute Resolution Curriculum

22 to 24 October, Warsaw

This 3-day Chargeback and Dispute Resolution curriculum will cover all chargeback reason codes and related issues including rule violation disputes. It is designed for participants with 6 months to 30 years chargeback experience. It is also designed to help you get ready for the migration to the new MasterCom platform, from both a technical and operational perspective. We’ll step through the key considerations for implementation, looking at the options available (either using the new MasterCom Claims Manager user interface or the API solution) and how to plan your migration.

At the end of the three days you will leave the seminar with a better understanding of the options available to you to implement MasterCom Claims Manager, how to reconcile disputed transaction, the impact of the dispute resolution changes as well as being aware of how to find additional information to support the operational and technical migration to the new tool.

Programme of the curriculum:

22 & 23 October 2019 - Chargeback & Dispute Resolution workshop

•Understand the right chargeback codes, to use in the right way, in the right situations.

•Avoid common mistakes and misunderstanding – which can otherwise cost you time and money.

•Know how to deal quickly and effectively with different types of incoming chargebacks.

•Find out more about the differences between arbitration and compliance – and why it matters to your business.

24 October 2019 - MasterCom and Dispute Resolution Enhancements

•Understand the new chargeback rules and how to apply them in your business.

•Learn about potential migration strategies – and how to select the right one for your organisation.

•Get up-to-speed on the new claims manager tool – and how to use it most effectively.

Early bird: 1350€
Full price: 1650€

Available via Open seminar Open
Duration 3 days
Of interest to Issuer - Acquirer - Processor - PSP - Fintech - Merchant
Level Intermediate
Profile Risk management and compliance officers - Loss prevention and security professionals - IT professionals - Business & Product Managers – Commercial Managers

Venue info:

Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw
Kościelna 12
00-218 Warsaw

  • Fraud and chargebacks management workshop
  • Dispute resolution
  • MasterCom and Dispute Resolution Enhancements