ELEVATE the Role of Package Design & Designers

Brand strategies are now being built from the package outward. In a major shift, brand expression is centering in the package design, architecting all brand touch points.

Successful brand managers and designers understand the value of starting with the package first. At The Dieline Package Design Conference 2013, package designers will discover how to gain recognition and respect by articulating what your design means to a brand.

Now in its 3rd year, The Dieline Package Design Conference has become the leading design conference focused solely on the package design industry and package designers. The Dieline Package Design Conference is an extension of TheDieline.com, the popular design blog and the world’s most visited website on package design.

The Dieline Package Design Conference sessions will:

  • Teach package designers how to consider the role of design in improving sales of a product and tactics for creating meaningful differentiation. There are plenty of beautiful designs out there, but few reinvent the perceptions of product benefits or pay off by shifting cultural ideology.

  • Provide package designers with the language and tools needed to convince decisionmakers that their design is truly communicating to the brand target. Our goal is to go beyond presentations about geeking out on typography or what colors are in this year.

  • Inspire in the form of fantastic work from packaging industry experts, tips on effective processes and advice on successfully reinventing brands. We will elevate the role of package designers beyond craftsmanship discussions, and have more talks about becoming more influential and in demand.

  • Celebrate excellence at the The Dieline Package Design Awards, the prestigious annual worldwide package design awards competition.

At The Dieline Package Design Conference we mentor the next generation of industry leaders, thus elevating the role of the package designer and package design industry.

About The Dieline Package Design Conference

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As part of the HOW Design Live week of programming, The Dieline Package Design Conference participants can take advantage of additional opportunities to learn more about top vendors and service suppliers and network with an international community of talented design professionals.

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