2020 CGA Operations, Engineering, Integrity, and Construction Conference

Addressing Environmental Policy Through
Natural Gas Innovation

Jocelyn Bamford

President and Founder
Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada

Jocelyn Bamford is the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Ontario which was formed in September of 2016 in response to unfavorable legislation impacting businesses in Ontario. Jocelyn in also the Vice President of Automatic Coating Limited, located in Scarborough, Ontario. Automatic Coating Limited (ACL) is recognized worldwide as having one of the most technologically advanced powder and liquid coating facilities in North America specializing in the application of high-performance liquids and powder coating, which she helps her husband Brad operate. Jocelyn and he husband also own and operate Automatic Coating Pipeline Service which offer quality coating filed application to the oil and gas sectors. Jocelyn previously held positions of Director of Sales with AT&T Canada and sales management at Bell Canada. In addition to sitting on the Board of Directors for the Scarborough Hospital Foundation, Jocelyn is also the former Co-Chair for The Scarborough Hospital Foundation’s Women of Philanthropy Council. Jocelyn served as vice chair of Elizabeth Simcoe Public School and chair of fundraising for Parent Council from Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts for Carlton University and an honours equivalent from the University of Guelph where she graduated with distinctions. Jocelyn lives in Scarborough Ontario and is the proud hockey mom of two sons and a daughter.