2020 CGA Operations, Engineering, Integrity, and Construction Conference

Addressing Environmental Policy Through
Natural Gas Innovation

Phillip Nidd

Vice-president, Technical Operations
Dynamic Risk Assessment Systems

Phillip has 35 years of technical and management experience in asset risk management, having served in pipeline integrity senior management positions for a major pipeline operator and several large engineering consulting companies. As Vice President, Technical Services for Dynamic Risk in Houston, Phillip has responsibility for overall company engineering operations and providing technical leadership in the specific areas of incident root cause investigations, integrity program reviews and management system audits. Originally from Canada, Phillip has worked extensively in Russia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, and the Middle East, providing litigation support and acting in a management capacity on major investigation root cause investigation and litigation support projects, including the Bellingham Pipeline failure in 1999, the Deepwater Horizon explosion in 2010, and the San Bruno pipeline failure in 2010. Phillip has co-authored several industry papers that provide focus on Management Systems and Root Cause Analysis, including “IPC 2014- Back To The Future Using Root Cause Analysis As A Proactive Risk Management Tool; IPC2016- Chasing Perfection - The Proactive IMP PDCA (+E) Review; and “PPIM2017- ALARP’ and Zero Leak Tolerance- Applications For The Pipeline Industry.