2020 CGA Operations, Engineering, Integrity, and Construction Conference

Addressing Environmental Policy Through
Natural Gas Innovation

Tom Kee

Executive Director
Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.

Today’s Speaker comes to us with over 25 years’ experience in the gas distribution Industry. The initial portion of that experience was gathered while working for an engineering company building rural distribution systems during the initial development of the Rural Gas Program in Alberta. Then Tom’s experience turned to the regulatory side of the business when he joined the provincial government responsible for administering programs and legislation for the rural gas program.

Mr. Tom Kee is the Executive Director of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops which is based in Sherwood Park. Tom became the Executive Director for the Federation in November 2017. Tom has a wealth of experience in the area of natural gas with experience from both private and public industry.

Prior to joining the Federation, Tom was Director and the “ Chief Officer” for the province responsible for the administration of the legislative requirements for utility associations as provided for in the Rural Utilities Act and the Gas Distribution Act, which sets and enforces the standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas distribution systems in Alberta.

Tom provided support and advice including interpretation of legislation to rural distribution utilities. Assessed and responded to utility industry issues (gas, electric and water) including utility consumer complaints and inquiries. Tom also provided oversight and strategic direction to rural gas co-operatives in the development and operation of GIS/GPS and mapping applications for low-pressure natural gas systems.

Tom also sits on various industry-related committees and or boards which includes CSA and CGA.