2020 CGA Operations, Engineering, Integrity, and Construction Conference

Addressing Environmental Policy Through
Natural Gas Innovation

Saad Sarfraz



As CGA’s Manager of Energy and Cleantech Analytics, Saad is responsible for tracking and reporting on actual aggregated quantitative benefits and investment outputs for the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF). This involves tracking projects in the categories of economic, environmental, safety, and community. Saad also guides applicants and recipients of funding with respect to collecting and analyzing performance data, and articulating their performance indicators such as GHG emission reduction. His role also develops an outcomes-based evaluation of the NGIF to ensure consistency with NGIF’s investors and federal and provincial trusted partners in Canada.

Saad brings to NGIF and CGA several years of experience on environmental affairs including research on CO2 reduction, and regulatory impact assessments on carbon pricing spanning the cement and the mining industry.

Saad has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, and the University of Toronto respectively.