2020 CGA Operations, Engineering, Integrity, and Construction Conference

Addressing Environmental Policy Through
Natural Gas Innovation

Jap-Jyotan Sidhu

Gas Integrity Engineer
Manitoba Hydro

Jap Jyotan Sidhu is a Gas Integrity Engineer at Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation in the province of Manitoba and is the province’s major energy utility. The corporation currently serves over 580,000 electric customers and over 284,000 natural gas customers in the province. The natural gas infrastructure consists of over 16,000 kms of pipeline and over 400 stations and earliest installations date back to 1957. Jap Sidhu works in the Integrity Group whose primary focus is to ensure natural gas is kept within the pipeline system. The group is responsible for analyzing potential hazards to the integrity of the system, including managing various pro-active condition assessment programs and audits/surveys. The Group is also responsible for managing an in-line inspection program for select pipelines. Today’s presentation will focus on a unique In-line inspection project undertook by Manitoba Hydro.