SpotMe delivers the most reliable and interactive mobile applications to events around the world. We did, after all, create the category. And as unequalled experts in both event process and technology, we use our decades of experience to turn events into great events. Our work isn’t done when we deliver an app to you. We’re there before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting, working with you to develop ideas that rock and ensure that the implementation is smooth through all stages of your event.

Our unique model of on-site and cloud server means that we’re never dependent on the Internet or bandwidth for any functionality. No one else can make that claim. The sleek user interface means there are no distractions so your participants spend less time navigating and more time participating.

Participants can download the SpotMe app and install on their own devices. SpotMe can also provide any number of iPad or iPod touch from our SpotMe owned inventory – for participants who aren’t equipped with a smartphone or tablet, or events that work better with devices handed out at the event.

Focus on a FRESH partner

Bänz Ledin is CEO of SpotMe, the inventor of the mobile app for meetings and the founder of that industry. In this interview he talks about the importance and benefits of recreating the intimacy and effectiveness of small meetings within the context of meetings for hundreds of participants. This is a challenge that mobile apps can help to address.