During meetings and conferences, Sendsteps allows your audience to respond anonymously through mobile phone, via SMS, internet and Twitter. Results come in realtime and are shown on the screen of the presenter. From there, the presenter can easily start a dialogue with the audience, the audience will feel engaged and the organization is able to effectively collect honest  feedback. With Sendsteps you can respond to both open- and multiple choice questions.

Sendsteps is a Dutch based company [situated in Amsterdam] and active for over four years in the event industry. With 350 events per year, Sendsteps is market leader in interactive presentations on the Dutch market. Sendsteps works together with a dedicated international partner network, in which more than 20 partners participate.

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Focus on a FRESH partner

All too often, voting is just an afterthought to session design - when it's not a gimmick - and contributes little or no value to either the session or the meeting owner.

In this interview, Mike Coumans, CEO of Sendsteps, explains how he has not just extended voting out to the remote audience, but also addresses the issue of value-add.