My Meeting Professional (MMP), is the newly created research and educational division of iBAHN, the global network provider for the hotel industry. A main focus of MMP is to provide fresh answers to technology and connectivity challenges that meeting professionals face on a daily basis. It is the new information-sharing and content curation hub for conference and meetings professionals. MMP focuses on the crucial issues raised by meetings organisers and has been developed to share knowledge, expertise and resources..

MMP serves as the gateway to business information to help ensure conferences or meetings are a success. More than that, it is a social hub for new ideas, shared knowledge and insight. MMP is a global community, sharing and profiting from new connections, strategies and tactics in the event planning space. We aim to share the latest views and news in the events, conferences and meetings sector but most importantly enable every professional in these areas to learn, share and develop their skills.

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Focus on a FRESH partner

When you're on-site at 02:00 am and the 'net is down; when your meeting delegates are complaining the WiFi is too slow; when the hybrid meeting becomes a hybrid log-jam - it's already too late.

In this interview, Mike Clanton of My Meeting Professional explains how all these problems can be addressed before they threaten your meeting.