Owner Kristine Nygaard

Bring more value to your meetings and events.

Kiss The Frog offers 3 levels of engagement at meetings and events.

1. As a graphic recorder
2. As a graphic facilitator
3. As a graphic sparring partner

The graphic recorder attends the meeting, the lecture, the event and works as a visual note taker, translating precious knowledge into drawings and making it more accessible to participants. Illustrations combined with graphics give an overview of the meeting topics and help audience remember the essence that could otherwise be lost.

The graphic facilitator is also a group facilitator: the visual notes give different perspectives on the same case – and challenge the participants on their different views and opinions and break down barriers and support mutual understanding. The graphic display is an output of the group and often there is a strong sense of ownership of the outcome.

The graphic sparring partner is more deeply involved in the meeting design phase and facilitates the meeting architects and other clients in the process of visually describing goals and outcomes for their event; giving an overview of the client’s current situation and how they want to transform it and go to the next level. 

The toolbox - The graphic recorder uses design, symbols, metaphors and storytelling to highlight precious knowledge and make it into physical artefacts in form of drawings. 

“We learn and remember well when placed in a comfortable environment, experiencing amazing stuff that gives meaning and touches us”

Bring more value to your meetings and events :