Making the Impossible, Possible. With the Magic of A.I.

Dell EMC and Intel are pleased to invite you to a VIP Event at ABC 7 Studio with Dr. Poppy Crum, Neuroscientist & Technologist. As a recognized expert on the intersection of human experience, sensory data-science and immersive technologies, you will be spellbound by the colorful journey on how she builds technologies to embrace the incredible impact and benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

What's In It for You?
  • You'll get a technologist perspective on Artificial Intelligence
  • You'll gain insights on how to bridge the gap between technology and effective human interaction 
  • You'll learn how technologies best leverage physiology to enhance experiences and better interact with the world 
  • You will hear how Dell EMC Isilon team takes the impossible, and showcases how technology can make it possible with A.I.
Dr. Poppy Crum will take live questions from the audience, and then greet all attendees during lunch.
Space is limited. Please register to attend this unique event.
This is a non-transferable event.