Webinar:  Tales from the First Line of Defense: 3 Key Insights that Two Internal Auditors Learned Working in the Business
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Event Details
Webinar: Tales from the First Line of Defense: 3 Key Insights that Two Internal Auditors Learned Working in the Business
October 13, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Event Description

More and more, internal auditors are being called upon to provide value and assurance to new business areas and processes they - and many others in the organization - barely understand. This webinar is hosted by two internal auditor practitioners who recently built a risk function in a net new, digital-first, agile focused, fast paced first line of defense business unit.
Learning Objectives 
Through conversation and story-telling, the hosts will share three key insights they learned while working in the first line of defense. The objective of this webinar is to help internal audit practitioners deepen the value they provide to their business and to truly be strategic risk partners to the organization. By sharing what life is "really" like in business units, the hosts hope to inspire listeners to relate to their business partners like never before, to foster deeper relationships and as a result, build an organic, collaborative risk culture. The discussion will also provide ideas to innovate your internal audit shop to be forward focused, value added and agile through suggested program, training and competency changes for auditors.
Our Speakers
Rachael Golembuski, CIA, CRMA, CMA (US)
Rachael  is a risk professional with twenty years of experience in the financial and professional services industries. She lives in Calgary, Alberta and recently joined the Enterprise Risk Management & Compliance group at ATB Financial to lead the Operational & Fraud Risk Management team. Rachael is one of the “Original 6” founding members of Brightside by ATB. She championed the “risk management is FUN” message in this first line function so the other teams could focus on the hard work of building a secure and compliant digital bank. Prior to embarking on the banking innovation journey, Rachael was the Director, Professional Practices & Data Analytics in the Internal Audit/Assurance department. She joined ATB 10 years ago when she moved to Calgary from Montreal where she worked for EY. She is fluent in English and French.
Janice Barbieri, CA, MPAcc, CIA
Janice is the Director of Enterprise Risk Management at Alberta Central, working with various internal audit, risk and compliance teams to help further mature the ERM program and activities. She has over 13 years of risk management, internal controls and internal audit experience. Janice began her career as an external auditor for KPMG leading teams around the world in Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. She transitioned into internal audit with Vancity Credit Union in Vancouver and later, ATB Financial in Calgary. Having had the unique opportunity to lead teams across all three lines of defense, in addition to being an external auditor, Janice continuously seeks to champion lifelong learning in the risk management/internal audit profession.