Emotional Intelligence & You! (11/16)

Emotional Intelligence & You!

Jesus’ Approach

Emotional intelligence:

  • is innate to everyone.
  • impacts communication, teamwork, conflict management.
  • creates an inclusive welcoming environment.
  • provides insight into Jesus’ life and approach to managing conflict, creating believers, teaching about living life with God at the center.
  • Guides responses to issues such as oppression, violence and inequality.

You will actively explore emotional intelligence and be able to:

  • Define emotional intelligence and how to capitalize on using emotional intelligence.
  • Identify effective methods to communicate, collaborate, and build partnerships with others.
  • Enhance your leadership style by actively using emotional intelligence.
  • Create leadership teams and congregations that are emotionally intelligent.
  • Identify how Jesus was emotionally intelligent through scriptures.
  • Create an action plan to implement emotional intelligence in your churches and ministries.

This program is highly introspective and interactive to create personal self-awareness. Strengthening emotional intelligence results in:

  • increasing satisfaction and happiness in life and work.
  • regulates and manages emotions.
  • explains the root of our behaviors and interactions with others.
  • creates groups that are able to successfully navigate conflict and disagreement.
  • enhances inclusiveness of all aspects of diversity within congregations.

Created specifically for:

Lay Leaders
Christ Servant Ministers
Certified Lay Ministers
Conference Committees
Local Church Committees
Anyone interested in creating an inclusive, nurturing church!