Piedmont Clinic Physician and Physician Practice Recognition Awards


The Piedmont Clinic Chairman’s Service Awards recognize the achievements of physician members of the Clinic in service and contribution to the community.

These awards are intended to highlight specific practice-level engagements and initiatives that affect not only the patients within the physician’s office, but may also further the knowledge of the clinical specialty or other physician colleagues.

Piedmont physicians are among the best physicians in our region, providing quality care that consistently ranks high when benchmarked against national standards. As the Clinic continues to grow, we know there are a number of outstanding achievements and innovations going on within the Clinic led by our physicians. We want to highlight these achievements and recognize our “unsung heroes” for the tremendous and very important work they are doing.

These awards seek to highlight the outstanding work in four main areas that support the Piedmont Clinic’s Core Values:

  1. Clinical Excellence and Innovation

    This award highlights an individual who has achieved success in his or her specialty area in the area of clinical excellence that significantly improves quality. Examples include redesigning the way you deliver care in your office to achieve positive outcomes; implementing new technology used to improve quality; or using evidence-based medicine that significantly transforms care in your area.

  2. Superior Service

    This award highlights an individual who has demonstrated service to his or her community locally, nationally or abroad. Examples include modifying a practice pattern to increase patient engagement, promote patient-centered care, or support a local population in need.

  3. Reliable Safety

    This award highlights an individual who has demonstrated significant commitment to patient safety in his or her practice. Examples include implementing technology in your practice to reduce harm to patients and ensure safety, or participating in research or a practice change that ultimately promotes an overall patient safety agenda.

  4. Cost Effectiveness

    This award highlights an individual who has led work that seeks to reduce waste and redundancies in the clinic environment, thereby improving access to clinic physicians. Other examples include decreasing wait times for patients and families, or implementing process changes that improve the coordination of care between providers that directly improves the patient’s experience.

Eligibility and Award Criteria

  • Nominees must be current physician members of the Piedmont Clinic
  • Nominees must demonstrate valuable service that has improved the quality of care for others
  • Nominees must be self-nominated or nominated by a physician peer
  • Nominees will be asked to sign a media release to participate in an awards video
  • Nominators must submit the nomination form (below) by 5 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2019.

Benefits To Award Recipients

Recipients of one of four categories of the Chairman’s Service Awards will receive:

  • $500 donation to a non-profit organization of the honoree’s choice
  • $400 Good Citizenship Credit for 2H2019 Performance Improvement Program
  • Professional photograph from the awards presentation and media write-up available
  • Recognition of the nominee and his or her work with a glass award tower and recognition at the Piedmont Clinic Summit on Saturday, September 28 in Atlanta, as well as in Piedmont Clinic publications

Required Documents

Official nomination form is below. Please fill all required fields and submit before 5 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2019.


For questions about award nomination and selection, please contact Brandy Frieson-Kelly at brandy.frieson-kelly@piedmont.org.

For general questions about the Piedmont Clinic Summit event, please contact piedmontreg@meetingexpectations.com.

If the nomination form does not display immediately below, you may access it directly on smartsheet.com.