2020 Web Series

Registration options for the 2020 Web Series taking place from

June 2nd through September 24th is now open!

Registration includes access to the full 34 Episode Web Series, COVID-19 content, Mindfulness series, Speaker AMA chats, networking platform, online exhibit hall, and more!

Tentative webinar list:

Animal Abuse + Family Violence: Investigation & Prosecution Strategies to Keep Families Safe

Allie Phillips

The Art of Perception: Seeing What Matters

Amy Herman

Become a Google Jedi: Building a Better Boolean String

Lauren Wagner

Beyond the 911 Call: Achieving Holistic Justice for Domestic Violence Survivors

Carvana Cloud, Julie Pleasant

Black Girlhood, Interrupted: Pornography's Impact on Sexual Violence in the Lives of Black Girls & Women

Carolyn West

Building a Sexual Assault Case with the Defense in Mind

Nancy Oglesby, Larry Braunstein

CASE STUDY: But They Were "Private": Destroying a Life through Sextortion & Non-Consensual Pornography

Lou Luba

Court-Ordered Abuse: Violence & Long-Lasting Trauma of Women Forced to Co-Parent with Their Abuser

Barry Goldstein, Melanie Blow, Doreen Sims, Carol Midboe, Katie Amber

Creating Culturally Responsive & Holistic Abusive Partner Interventions

Brittany Davis, Juan Carlos Arean

Dissecting the “Trauma Brain”: A Closer Look at Trauma-Informed Justice in Indian Country

Leslie Hagen

Dissociation in Adult Survivors of Trauma

Colin Ross

Exposing What’s Concealed: Leveraging Federal Firearm Statutes to Increase Victim Safety & Offender Accountability

John Guard, Heidi Bonner

CASE STUDY: Harem of Horror: A Batterer's Manipulation of His Victims & the Criminal Justice System

Elissa Wev

I Just Can't Think Straight: Partner Inflicted Brain Injury, Domestic Violence, & a Way Forward

Rachel Ramirez

Labor Trafficking in the U.S. & Successful Local Investigations

Rochelle Keyhan, Joseph Scaramucci

CASE STUDY: No Victim? No Problem: How to Win a Jury Trial Without a Victim

Miiko Anderson

Project 180: The New Way to Investigate and File on Traffickers While Diverting Prostitution Sellers

Johna Stallings, Carla Manuel

Router Artifacts: The Call is Coming From Inside the House

John Trenary

Strangulation Foundations

Kelsey McKay

Strangulation Series: A Blueprint for Collaboratively Responding to Strangulation (add-on series)

Kelsey McKay

Talking to Victims: The Basics of Applying Trauma-Informed Practices

Justin Boardman

Traumatic Bonding: Why Victims May Trade Escape Skills for Coping Skills

Julie Owens

Understanding Narcissism as the Key to Understanding Domestic Abuse & Gender-Based Violence

Ramani Durvasala

Understanding the Needs of Victims in the Deaf Community

Heather Daley, Wilma Dennis

Victim Safety in the Rideshare Industry: A Conversation with Uber & NNEDV

Corbin Streett, Billy Kewell

What You Should Expect from an Effective On-Scene Investigation

Mark Wynn

When Predators Take Flight: What We Can Learn from Sexual Assault Cases at 30,000 Feet

Scott Hampton

Where There is Dark, There is Light: Exploring the Online Universe

Myra Strand, Russell Strand

Witness Intimidation: Eliminating the Payoff

Jane Anderson, Dalia Racine 


Additional add-on Strangulation Series: A Blueprint for Collaboratively Responding to Strangulation now available:

This five-part webinar challenges current beliefs, practices and policies--providing awareness to better identify, investigate and prosecute these heinous and potentially fatal crimes for everyone from first responders through prosecution.

  • Pt. 1: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY: The Dynamics of Asphyxiation
  • Pt. 2: BUILDING A CASE: Identification, Investigation and Medical Response
  • Pt. 3: HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER: Homicides, Staged Scenes and Missed Opportunities
  • Pt. 4: CONVINCING THE COURTS: Bonds, Prosecutions & Seeking Justice
  • Pt. 5: LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX: The Sexual and Serial Component of Asphyxiation Crimes

- Kelsey McKay, JD, President of RESPOND Against Violence and Former Prosecutor

- Khara Breeden, DNP,MS, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P, AFN-BC

- Carvana Cloud, JD, Policy Consultant & Former Prosecutor

- Hon. Michael Denton, Ret. Family Violence Court Judge

- Kelly Dunne, CEO of Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center/Domestic Violence High Risk Team Network

- Scott Hampton, PsyD, Offender Treatment Provider

- Detective Kimberly Orts

- Julie Owens, Advocate and DV Survivor

- Russell Strand, Senior Special Agent (Retired) & Myra Strand, MA, CA, Strand Squared

- Dawn Wilcox, RN, BSN, Founder of Women Count USA & DV Survivor

- Andrea Zaferes, Aquatic Expert & Death Investigator

Other Contributors Include:
- Allison Franklin, Trafficking Survivor and Consultant
- David Scott, PhDResearcher


For more information and full workshop descriptions, visit www.ConferenceCAW.org

The goal of the Conference on Crimes Against Women is to provide practical instruction, using current information, the newest ideas and most successful intervention strategies, to those professionals responsible for combating the many and varied forms of crimes against women.

The Conference is conducted for the sole purpose of providing training to only those people employed by governmental or non-profit agencies in the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, social work, victim's advocacy, therapy, probation/parole, campus safety and medicine who work directly with victims of crime.