2012 TAPPI Tissue Properties and Manufacturing

Overview: This course is designed for those who desire an intermediate level, comprehensive, and structured course on tissue properties, and the effect of manufacturing processes on them.

Course Topics:

  • Tissue properties & tests and how these relate to sheet structure;
  • Performance effects of fiber raw materials, pulp mill and recycling operations;
  • Stock prep refining for tissue;
  • Chemicals for tissue: wet end chemicals (adhesives, debonders, retention, deposit control) ; yankee coating chemicals
  • Tissue machine wet end operations & effects on sheet structure & properties; multilayer headboxes, formation, fiber orientation, dewatering, and fabrics for sheet forming and sheet structure;
  • TAD and yankee drying & effects on properties;
  • Forming, TAD, and wet press fabrics for obtaining desired sheet structure;
  • Creping
  • Calendering and converting

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Who Should Attend?
This course will be particularly helpful to –

  • Non-technical professionals
  • Technical Process Engineers
  • Operators
Who are involved in tissue and toweling in the following environments:
  • Tissue mills
  • Tissue chemicals and equipment supplies
  • Converters and end users
It is applicable to individuals with 0-5 years of experience in this subject matter.


Should You Attend?
By successfully completing this course, you can expect to:

  • Increase your ability to improve manufacturing operations; and
  • Produce a more competitive product!

Course Outcomes

  • Participants will benefit by gaining increased confidence in understanding tissue performance properties and how they are achieved; interacting more knowledgeably within the mill, and with suppliers.
  • The overall objective and benefit for participants is to increase their knowledge to improve manufacturing operations, and produce a more competitive product.

This course will also prepare participants for more advanced courses on tissue manufacturing and runnability.

If you are looking for an advanced course on Tissue, consider the next TAPPI Tissue Runnability course.