Labor Law Solutions 2019
Labor Law Solutions
December 4–6, 2019

We begin 2019 as we did 2018: optimistic that the current National Labor Relations Board will soon start to moderate the previous Board's rules and decisions, but still concerned about unions seeking to exploit those favorable rules by engaging in aggressive organizing and collective bargaining. Regardless of what happens over the next nine months, we will bring you up to speed at the 2019 Labor Law Solutions program as we cover the latest developments in the constantly evolving area of labor law.

The Labor Law Solutions program will begin on Wednesday, December 4, with our popular and well-received Foundation Series, a half-day fundamentals program. Our main program, a sophisticated, interactive seminar where attendees can network and gain new insights about cutting-edge labor law strategies, will follow over the next two days. 


• The National Labor Relations Board—the new balance of power and key rulings

• Collective bargaining strategies and pitfalls

• The latest developments on joint employment, micro-units, protected concerted activity, and workplace conduct policies

• Trends in union organizing, campaigns, and positive employee relations

• The Foundation Series, a pre-conference review and refresher on the fundamentals of labor law