Explore Humans in Space: Microgravity
Monday 02/25/2019
6:30 pm (Eastern Time)
FREE 1-hour Webinar
Educators in Grades 5-12

The NASA Educator Professional Development Collaborative
at Texas State University is providing a 1-hour webinar.

For human exploration of space, we need to understand the effects of long-term exposure to microgravity. Also critical is how some of the physical processes we take for granted on earth change in microgravity. Microgravity environment is in fact a great research lab to test many phenomena from material science to human physiology. Come explore how you can use microgravity to teach fundamental phenomena that define our world in your classrooms. First we will discuss some background on microgravity and then explore different domains of microgravity research like biotechnology, fluid physics, and more. The resources discussed in this webinar will cover physical sciences (PS) and life sciences (LS) standards in NGSS for grades 5-12.

Deepika is a NASA Education Professional Development Specialist at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. She works to support education in eleven East Coast states ranging from Virginia to Maine. Deepika has worked in STEM Education in various capacities – as a researcher, educator, outreach coordinator, member of a non-profit startup, and K-8 Educator. She has enjoyed building diverse experiences in STEM education and hopes to add unique value to Educator Profession Development at NASA. Deepika has degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Mysore, India (Bachelors), University of Maryland, College Park (Masters), and Purdue University (Ph. D.) where she researched how to teach fundamental disciplinary concepts in Electrical Engineering.