Mastercard Academy

Profitable card management

6 & 7 November 2019, Baku

Consumers often have more than one card in their wallet, so how do issuers ensure they’re the preferred card choice of their cardholder?

This seminar is ideal for staff at established issuing institutions who want to practice new ideas to optimise the profitability of their portfolio. Participants will learn how to analyse key performance indicators of a consumer card portfolio and discover new ways to improve its performance.

Language: English with Russian interpretation

Available via Open seminar Open
Duration 3 days
Of interest to Issuer
Level Get started
Profile Business/Commercial - Operations

Venue info:


Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Consumer credit card market simulation
  • Market trends
  • Issuer revenue streams
  • Issuer costs
  • Recruiting new participants
  • Portfolio segmentation
  • Customer service
  • Creating loyalty