2019 South District Tools for Ministry
Event Description

2019 South District Tools for Ministry

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Eastern University/Palmer Campus

1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087-3696

8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.



8:30 a.m.                 Registration and Breakfast (Snacks available throughout the morning)

8:50 a.m.                 Welcome:

                        District Superintendent Dawn Taylor-Storm

                        District Lay Leaders Jennifer Lafferty & Bill Thompson

                        Dr. David Bronkema, Dean, Palmer Theological Seminary

9:15 a.m.                  Travel to Session A Workshops

9:30 – 10:50 a.m.     Session A Workshops

10:50 11:10 a.m.   Break/Travel to Session B Workshops

11:10 – 12:30 p.m.   Session B Workshops

12:30 p.m.                Departure      






#1 A. The Church In Mission

Rev. Thomas Lank, NE Jurisdictional Coordinator,
United Methodist Volunteers in Mission

Rev. Russell Atkinson, Pastor, Drexel Hill UMC;
Chairperson, EPA Volunteers in Mission


2019 marks the Bicentennial of Methodist missions and as heirs of John Wesley, we proclaim that “the world is our parish.” But how and where do we begin to engage the gifts and needs of the world around us? If we are deeply engaged in mission, how do we evaluate the fruitfulness of our current mission endeavors? What are some of the innovative ministries being developed through our United Methodist connection today? This workshop will give you practical information about current opportunities to be involved in God’s mission and inspiration for developing or improving your own missional engagement.


#2 A. ALICE – Active Shooter at Church

Kevin Nugent, ARM, Senior Risk Control Consultant,
Church Mutual Insurance Company


We will be presenting on ALICE which will review what ALICE is and the options of the program to help empower your members to make educated decisions in the event of an active shooter at their church.


#3 A. Perfeccionando la práctica de la Mayordomía (Perfecting Stewardship)

Rev. Evodia Villalva, Pastor El Buen Samaritano UMC;
Bachelor of Theology, Gonzalo Baez Camargo
Seminary/Mexico City;
Course of Study Student, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary



La palabra mayordomía es ajena a las personas que no asisten a una iglesia, pero también es un enigma para aquellos que son fieles a la obra de Dios. Es nuestro deber y responsabilidad como lideres de nuestra iglesia practicar la mayordomía integral como respuesta a las innumerables bendiciones que Dios nos envía cada día, así como propagar la importancia de la mayordomía integral entre nuestras congregaciones. Es mi oración que al asistir a este taller sientas el llamado de Dios a rendirle toda tu vida, el bendecirá tu obediencia.


Perfecting Stewardship (Translation of description only. Workshop will be in Spanish.)

The word stewardship can be a foreign word to those who do not attend a church regularly, but it can also be an enigma to those that are faithful to the work of God. It is our duty and responsibility as leaders of our church to practice stewardship in all that we do. Through its practice we receive innumerable blessings from God every day and we should broadcast its importance within our congregations. It is my prayer that as you participate in this workshop you feel the call of God to give all of yourself, he will bless your obedience.


#4 A. Interfaith Cooperation and Collaboration

Rev. John Pritchard, Pastor Phila: University City, Calvary UMC

Rev. Nicole Diroff, Associate Director Interfaith Philadelphia;
UCC Council on Ecumenical & Interfaith
National Council of Churches Interfaith Relations Convening Table


A brief look at one example of interfaith cooperation, at what makes it work and what challenges are involved, combined with some facilitated discussion of some difficulties and roadblocks in interfaith cooperation, especially when basic values conflict, and how to work through them.


#5 A. Engaging Children in the Life of the Church

Melanie Hartley, Director of Children & Youth Ministries,
West Grove United Methodist Church


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”. While most of us would say we embrace this scripture and want young people in our church, often our model for faith formation puts people in silos based on age. Are we missing out on learning from each other? Is it possible that with all of our good intentions to create spaces that are designated for children, are we missing out on opportunities to engage them in the whole life of the church? How can we bring our children and adults together to worship, learn and grow? Let’s learn together!


#6 A. Legacy Giving
Jack Brooks, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic UM Foundation


Explore the motivation of today’s donors who plan legacy gifts, how a church supports them during that journey, and also the top reasons why donors change planned gifts or never even consider them in the first place. Attend this informative stewardship discussion.


#7 A. Shock Advised: Revive to Thrive
Kevin Babcock M.Div., MBA, Pastor Swarthmore UMC and Clifton Heights UMC
Victor Gimenez, M.Div., MA, Pastor Union Memorial UMC, Darby


Many churches believe they are declining, growing weak, or even dying. However, we believe most churches have plenty of life left in them! They just need to be revived. We believe the Great Commission and Great Commandment provide churches the necessary guidance to faithfully fulfil their mission. If your church is struggling, you don’t need to start with expensive programs or gimmicks to get back on track. It just needs the spiritual CPR of the Great Commission and Great Commandments to restore its rhythm of life. This interactive workshop will engage your concerns and you will leave with a basic ministry action plan to bring renewed life back to your church. We will focus on keeping your heartbeat healthy, its thinking clear and focused, its personality daringly welcoming, and its relationships with neighbors on track. Upon registration you will receive a short assignment to complete and bring to the workshop so that you can get the most out of our time together.


#8 A. Effective Bible Study Using the Gospel of Luke

Dr. Diane G. Chen, Professor of New Testament,
Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University


Using Luke’s story of the life of Jesus, this workshop introduces tools and resources that will make studying scripture accessible, relevant, and fruitful for the layperson. In group Bible studies, we tend to proceed from one passage to another, delving into a parable here and a miracle there. This standard approach is fine and well. In this workshop, in addition to pericope-based studies, we will consider other approaches, such as thematic explorations across the Lukan narrative, comparative studies with the other gospels, and reading Luke with an eye to its sequel, the Book of Acts.


#9 A. Identifying Resources for Ministry
Lenora Thompson, President, The Thompson Group Consulting Services


This is a highly interactive workshop. Participants will learn what to do and what not to do regarding proposal writing. In addition, participants will be able to identify resources within the United Methodist Church and the secular society.


#10 A. Community Churching

Rev. Christopher Neilson, STM, MDiv, BBA;

President, Christianity for Living Ministries; Pastor, The Living Church


Decades of constricting congregations coupled with cavernous church campuses have caused closed churches and created spiritual cavities in our communities. Community Churching, based and built on the premise and principle of Ephesians 4:4-6, while being compliant with the catholic concept of the church, reverses and regenerates the Christian witness in the congregations and surrounding communities.


#11 A. The Work of the Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee
Rev. Dr. Bronwyn Yocum, Retired Elder, Former District Superintendent


This workshop will cover the Disciplinary requirements of the Pastor Parish/Staff Parish Relations Committee and the workings of the committee during the year. Highlights will include practical suggestions for the committee’s work, a timeline for the year, review of the process of pastoral evaluation including creating a covenant (please register for covenant in Session B #11), and Disciplinary expectations. A good introduction for new members or review for chairpersons and long-time members.


#12 A. Orientation to Ministry

Rev. Monica Guepet, Co-Chair South District Committee on Ministry
Rev. Evelyn Kent Clark, Co-Chair South District Committee on Ministry


Do you feel, deep within, that God might be calling you? Are you trying to discern that call? Trying to figure out if you're called to be a deacon or an elder? An elder or a licensed local pastor? A licensed local pastor or a certified lay minister? Not sure of the differences? Not sure where God is calling you? Not sure how to get there? This ministry orientation will help you better understand the diverse ways that you can live out your call in The United Methodist Church. For those who are candidates for ministry, this orientation will also satisfy one of the requirements necessary to become a certified candidate.



#13 A. The Ministry of Being a Local Church Trustee
Alvin Kingcade, Sr. CSM; Past President Of EPA Conference Board of Trustees


In this workshop we will look at the Role of the Local Church Trustee both according to the “Book of Discipline” as well as according to the “Good Book” – the Bible. This session will cover the Basic Responsibilities of the Local Church Trustee as well as look at some Tools available for Trustees. We will look at how the Local Church Trustee Board is organized as well as discuss some “best practices” for Local Church Trustees. We’ll also discuss “church security”. If you are a new Trustee, this workshop is for you. Persons who are “on going” Trustees can attend for a refresher and to share their wisdom, knowledge, and their best practices with the group.



#14 A. Advocating for Indigenous Women and Children
Sherry Wack, CSM, Co-chair EPAUMC CONAM;
Sec. NEJNAMC Advocacy Committee
Sandi Ciancuilli, Co-chair EPAUMC CONAM;
President Carlisle Indian School Project


Session “A” -  A film will be presented. Followed by discussion about the current issues facing Native American women and children in the second session. Register for both sessions: “14 A ” and “13 B” if you want to participate in the discussion.





#1 B. Managing Conflict in Congregations
S. Timothy Pretz, DMin, LMFT
Affiliate Professor at Eastern University/Palmer Theological Seminary


In this workshop we will explore: Why does conflict occur between Christians and within congregations? Can conflict be healthy? Can conflict be destructive? How do we determine the difference? How can we respond to conflict in healthy ways? How does a church’s past patterns of responding to conflict influence present ways of responding to conflict? How does my past pattern of responding to conflict influence present ways of responding to conflict? How can I maximize my effectiveness when dealing with congregational conflict? What resources are available to help church leaders and congregations manage conflict effectively?



#2 B. Changing Cultures
Rev. Johnson Dodla M.A. M.Div, Lead Pastor Olivet UMC


Pastors and Church Leaders do you ever feel like the church can be doing more to attract new people to church? Do you feel like you have a desire to grow the church but for some reason you are not able to grow as a church? Come to discover how your current church’s culture might be hindering your efforts to attract new people to your faith community. At the end of the session: 1) You will be able to identify your core values 2) Uncover the church’s culture and sub-cultures within your church, and 3) Identify target audience who will be attracted to your church.



#3 B. Stations of the Holy Spirit
Rev. Gordon E. Hendrickson, Coordinator,
EPA Conference Congregational Development


There is nothing new under the sun. This saying is true about the church and discipleship. We are constantly going back to the Church of Acts to rediscover the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is the crucial key to unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit. It is interesting to note that almost everyone believes in prayer - even an atheist in a foxhole. Wherever I travel in the world, there is this thirst for prayer. Prayer unlocks the door to other gifts of the Holy Spirit; healing—oil/anointing; new beginning—water/baptism; and reconciliation—blood of Christ/communion. We need to develop prayer teams who have the gifts of healing, reconciliation, and new beginnings. If I were starting a church I would have four teams every worship service ready to do all four stations of the Holy Spirit. We have people coming in need every week of one of these stations. Next I would take out into the community these same stations of the Holy Spirit.



#4 B. How to have Meaningful Conversations about Race
Rev. Tracy A. Duncan, Pastor, Eastwick UMC, Member of C.O.R.R.
Rev. Susan Worrell, Co-Chair of C.O.R.R.


Through the use of video, interactive activity, poetry and, didactic conversations, participants will explore the 8 R’s of meaningful conversation about race. Participants will share personal experiences and reactions to various aspects of the group training. Scripture will be used as a guide and to help undergird our understanding of how to have to conversations about race. 



#5 B. Church Communication in the Age of Social Media
Rev. John Bletsch, Pastor, St. Matthew’s;
Chairperson EPA Conference Communications


This session will focus on ideas and guidelines for churches who want to use social media to communicate with their existing members and reach new people with the message of the Gospel. The session will also explore ideas on how to create a sense of community using social media.



#6 B. Stewardship as a Way of Life
H. Joe Tyson, Retired Elder


This workshop will help laity and clergy think about stewardship in holistic ways. It will examine analyzing one’s own giving and helping provide leadership in developing year-long approaches to stewardship; the workshop will approach stewardship as a spiritual gift. The workshop will lift up “best practices” and encourage churches to implement them. 



#7 B. The Power of Music - the Power of God
David H Bryant, PhD., Dir. of Music,
First United Methodist Church of Phoenixville


This presentation will demonstrate how incredibly powerful the medium of sound and music really is. With illustrations from a variety of styles and cultures spanning the globe and time itself, come hear, feel, see and experience why there’s nothing more powerful and more beautiful than music, and why it’s simply the best resource the modern church has at its disposal.


#8 B. Emotional Intelligence
David Piltz, Coordinator, EPA Youth and Young Adult Ministries


In this workshop, you will actively explore emotional intelligence and be able to: Define emotional intelligence and how to capitalize on using emotional intelligence. Identify effective methods to communicate, collaborate, and build partnerships with others. Enhance your leadership style by actively using emotional intelligence.


#9 B. Prayer in the Ordinary and Extraordinary
The Rev. Dr. Deborah Watson, Associate Pastor, Narberth Presbyterian Church;
Affiliate Professor of New 
Testament & New Testament Greek,
Chaplain Palmer Theological Seminary


If prayer is part of the warp and woof of our everyday Christian life, then prayer in the unusual (or extraordinary) moments of our lives is the most natural, instinctual response a Christian can have. If you long for a boost in your everyday prayer life – for whatever reason – please join us for a consideration of prayer which will humble and encourage us as it reveals God’s heart for us, and which will equip us for prayer in the extraordinary moments of our lives. And yes, we will pray!



#10 B. Healing Relationships in a World of Conflict
Rev. Marilyn Schneider, Deacon;
EPA Conference Coordinator of Prison Ministry & Restorative Justice
Scott Johnson, CLM;
Restorative Justice Facilitator at SCI Phoenix and Kairos Volunteer


You’ve been hurt, or hurt someone, or see others who are hurting – in a family, school church, workplace, community, or among nations. We read in 2 Corinthians 5:18b that God has given us the ministry of reconciliation. Now what? Explore tools to promote healing people and restoring relationships in conflict that focus on needs of victims, offenders, communities and their responsibilities to repair harm. This restorative justice workshop offers both insight and training to help “put things right”.


#11 B. Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee: Creating a Covenant

Rev. Dr. Bronwyn Yocum, Retired Elder, Former District Superintendent


Creating a covenant in the process of pastoral evaluation.   



#12 B. An Effective and Efficient Church Meeting in 2019 and Beyond

John Lafferty, CLM, CSM


This presentation is for any team leader, team secretary, or even team member who wants to improve their church team whether it by a Ministry Lead Team, Trustees, SPR, Finance or any other church team that needs to be evaluated or even altered a little to improve the meeting. John has spent over 35 years as a team leader and executive in running meetings and strategic planning sessions for large organizations to many non- profits including local church teams. Meeting Basics will be discussed such as roles and responsibilities, meeting evaluations as well as many physical layouts of the meeting itself. Due to the nature and expense of any given meeting, the presenter will discuss improvement methods about using technology to improve the meeting even with a tight church budget. You will learn what other churches and non-profits are doing to combat getting and keeping others involved and still being able to get the work done on a voluntary basis and keep team members engaged and not feel burdened that they have to attend yet another church meeting.



#13 B. Advocating for Indigenous Women and Children

Sandi Ciancuilli, Co-chair EPAUMC CONAM;
President Carlisle Indian School Project

Sherry Wack, CSM, Co-chair EPAUMC CONAM;
Sec. NEJNAMC Advocacy Committee


            Discussion related to film shown in Session #14 A.