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Data breach: prepare, prevent and respond NEW

11 June 2019, London

This workshop will focus on an interactive and collaborative workshop where the Mastercard Account Data Compromise team will walk through various exercises and scenarios, taking deep dives into real cases, to help attendees understand the intricacies of preparing for and preventing a data breach.
Through this training, participants will learn what their particular role is and who can provide assistance and advice in case a cyber hack occurs. In addition, the simulation will reveal how to deal with threats such as infiltration to the payment system or denial of service (DoS) attacks.
Since cybercriminals are increasingly targeting European issuers, acquirers and retailers, thus triggering significant financial losses to the industry, Mastercard wants to promote best practices in dealing with cyberattacks, as well as familiarising the affected parties with all the actors involved at each step of the investigation. The simulation seeks to iron out the inconsistencies in order to ensure that the e-commerce environment becomes more secure, thus discouraging criminals to commit cyber hacks with a view to preventing financial loses.

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On Demand OD
Duration 1 day
Of interest to Acquirers - Retailers
Level Learn more
Profile Governance, risk management and compliance officers - Corporate managers - IT professionals - Loss prevention and security professionals - Auditors

Venue info:

London, United Kingdom

  • Account Data Compromise
  • Data breach
  • Cyber hack
  • Cyber attacks
  • DoS attacks
  • Simulations & best practices