Mastercard Academy

Deep dive into the technology behind contactless

23 May 2019, Stockholm

Contactless might seem easy to the cardholder, but behind it lies some complex technology making transactions happen, and happen securely. In this seminar, participants will learn about contactless deployments from the issuer and acquirer points of view. They will also go in-depth into the relevant configuration data in each case, discovering how contactless transactions differ to contact chip transactions. This seminar also covers the contactless transaction flow, along with the card and terminal functionality that supports it.

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Duration 1 day
Of interest to Issuer - Acquirer
Level Specialise
Profile Programmer/Technical

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Stockholm, Sweden

  • Card-terminal interaction and transaction flow
  • Brand specific requirements
  • Cardholder device application
  • Contactless reader application
  • Impact of contactless transactions on network messages