Mastercard Academy

Fraud management for issuers

27 & 28 March 2019, Budapest

Criminals are constantly finding new ways to attack the value chain and issuers bear much of the cost of fraud. This seminar is aimed at those with responsibility for managing one or more areas of fraud.

Participants will learn about the main threats facing issuers and the actions they can take to protect against losses. It also demonstrates technology solutions to make transactions more secure, as well as Mastercard requirements in terms of fraud prevention, detection and resolution.

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Duration 2 days
Of interest to Issuers - Service provider
Level Learn more
Profile Risk manager - Fraud manager - Operations

Venue info:

Brody Studios, Vörösmarty utca 38
Budapest, Hungary

  • Fraud figures and trends
  • Issuer risk management and risk strategy
  • Mastercard standards
  • Fraud authorizations and detection strategies
  • Mastercard Stand-In services
  • Exercises