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Authentication and biometrics: latest trends and roadmap for readiness – NEW

19 March 2019, London, UK

Successful authentication of the payee and payer is at the heart of successful payments. Biometrics, or “the something you are”, is becoming an increasingly important part of that authentication story. There are many different types of biometrics, with different types being more suited to different use cases.

This course will give you an overview of biometrics technologies, the strengths and weaknesses of different types of biometrics, emerging standards for using biometrics for authentication, and the implications of using biometrics for payments.

Available via Open seminar Open
Duration 1 day
Of interest to Issuer - Acquirer - Processor
Level Get started
Profile Product Development / Business Development / Strategy / Risk Management

Venue info:

8 Eastcheap
London EC3M 1AE
United Kingdom


  • Role of biometrics in the customer authentication landscape
  • Top ten biometric types
  • Different biometric types to different identification problems
  • Technical options
  • Introduction to relevant specifications, standards& APIs covering: EMV2, PSD2, W3C, FIDO, MNO API’s
  • Applying biometrics to payments solutions – enrollment, new security challenges and liability