Mastercard Academy

Introduction to chargebacks and dispute resolution (level 1)

30 April 2019, Amsterdam

Chargebacks are a critical area of your business, but with multiple chargeback reason codes for credit card transaction disputes it can be hard for new staff to get up to speed.

This introductory seminar helps new chargeback analysts and practitioners learn the principles of processing and how to handle the top dispute reasons. It is the quickest way to learn the basics about chargeback processing, the most common cardholder disputes and the reason codes that are available to resolve them.

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On Demand OD
Duration 1 day
Of interest to Issuer - Acquirer - Processor
Level Get started
Profile Programmer/technical

Venue info:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Chargeback process flow
  • Understanding the transaction flow
  • Key fields in authorization and clearing messages
  • Top 10 chargeback reason codes for Mastercard
  • About liability shifts
  • About arbitration
  • Quizzes