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East District Tools For Ministry 2019
08:00 - 14:00
Tools for Ministry Training Event - March 2nd, 2019 

Bensalem United Methodist Church 

4300 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem, PA 19020 

Online Registration: $10 (Includes Materials & Lunch)          Walk-In Registration: $15

Registration Deadline: February 25th - Walk-ins will be accepted but availability of workshops may be limited. Register online to select workshops. Email myancey@epaumc.org for help with registration. Please note and detail any physical needs or disabling conditions. Payment must accompany registration. Make Checks payable to “EPA UMC” - Please put "East District TFM" in the memo section of the check. 

Basic Schedule of the Day: 

8:00 am to 9:00 am – Registration  

9:00 am to 10:45 am – Workshop Session I

11:00 am to 12:45 pm – Workshop Session II

1:00 pm – Lunch and Farewell


#1. More HOPE! Talks: Breaking Addictions to Bad Practices in Small Congregations

There's so much more hope! See your circumstances from a more heavenly perspective. Gain an understanding of God's enormous possibilities. Don't know where to start? Learn how to get going and keep moving. God is with us, no fear!

Rev. Cindy Brubaker


#2 Becoming All Things - Evangelism in Urban Communities

The theme of this workshop is grounded in the teachings of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9, where Paul proclaims that he "...[became] all things to all people...". It is believed that the thematic emphasis of "Becoming All Things" is central to an effective evangelistic ministry that seeks to reach people within an Urban context with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Within this workshop, an evangelistic ministry plan will be discussed, where participants will have the opportunity to learn about:

1. Strategies for becoming more active within communities, 

2. Current activities with various urban contexts that can aid in developing evangelistic strategies,
3. How to build ministry alliances in support of the broader ministry objectives of the United Methodist Church.

Rev. William A. Brawner


#3. Let Your Light So Shine

Use today's online communication tools—websites, social media, e-mail, video—to put your church’s lamp on its lampstand (Matthew 5:15). Mobilize community awareness and response to your church’s ministries through media and marketing. Come learn and share helpful wisdom.

Mr. John W. Coleman – Conference Communications Director 


#4a. Introducing The Work Of The Staff-Parish Relations Committee

What makes a Staff-Parish Relations Committee effective or ineffective? We will review the role of the SPRC and the responsibilities of elders, local pastors and deacons. We will discuss communication and conflict, developing a covenant and goals, how to evaluate performance, how to support your pastor, and the hiring and firing of lay employees." (1 Session only: Morning)


#4b. Introducing The Work Of The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development
Laity who are excited about serving their church are contagious. Learn how to help your members hear God's call and discover their gifts both for ministry in the church and mission beyond the church. Increase the numbers of individuals involved in hands-on ministry, develop new leaders, use your leadership more effectively, and learn how our UM structure can be a flexible tool for making ministry happen in your church. (1 Session only: Afternoon)

Rev. Gary Nicholson


#5. Creating Safe Sanctuaries

Safe sanctuaries provide those who work with children and youth the information and specific laws/policies to reduce the risk of abuse in church. After the session participants will be able to:

 - Identify appropriate and inappropriate boundaries between children & children; youth & youth; adults & children/youth

 - Describe how to create safe boundaries including screening, training and reporting

 - Describe the complexities of safe sanctuaries and how to implement them in your church

Rev. Tamie Scalise


#6. La Evangelización como Testimonio y Discipulado (Evangelism as Witness and Discipleship)

El propósito de este taller es explorar la evangelización como un proceso de formación y envío de líderes para la tarea misionera de la iglesia Examinaremos la naturaleza de la iglesia como agente de cambio y transformación a la luz de fundamentos bíblico-teológicos y modelos prácticos para alcanzar la comunidad. Daremos atención primordial a la misión de la Iglesia Metodista Unida.

The purpose of this workshop in Spanish is to explore evangelism as a process of formation and deployment of leaders for the missionary task of the church. We will examine the nature of the church as an agent of change and transformation in light of biblical-theological foundations and practical models to reach out to the community. We will give special attention to the mission of the United Methodist Church. 

Rev. Irving Cotto


#7. C4: Clarifying Compensation Confusion and Conundrums
                        Compensation and Health Benefits

· Can I use the previous year’s form?

· What’s the difference between "Other Allowances" and "Accountable Reimbursement Plan"?
· Does my reimbursement get included with the salary?
· What is “Summary to Print?”
· Do I even have to fill this out?
Sign up for this workshop to have some light shed on these questions and more.

Jo Fielding – Exec. Director, Board of Pension & Health Benefits;
Director, Administrative Services


#8. Open Forum on Church Remittances

Join our conference treasurer for a discussion involving one of the more cryptic aspects of the church: finances. 

James Brown – Conference Treasurer


#9. Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a sign that a system, relationship, or organization wants to grow. Not everyone wants to grow, however. Growth requires change, change brings anxiety, and anxiety produces conflict. Congregations are organizations of systems, cultures, beliefs, authorities, and relationships, which are prone to conflict. When the conflict is resolved positively, the church grows. When the conflict is ignored or resolved poorly, people react with fear, anger, resentment, and avoidance. The effects on the church are a loss of cohesion, increased absenteeism, and high turnover of staff, volunteers, leaders, and clergy. The Conflict Resolution Workshop will go directly to the heart of this problem and offer solutions. Participants can expect to understand the 5 Basic Steps to Resolution and to learn how to handle their own emotional triggers when faced with negative conflict.

Rev. William Lentz


#10. The Worship Of A Trustee

Colossians 3:22-24; The ministry of the trustees is so often viewed one dimensional; If there's a need, we supply it. If it's broke, we fix it. If there's a project, we complete it. We Secure and Insure our Churches. But So often The Ministry Of The Trustee Board is viewed just as physical, hands on work and we become reduced to Maintenance Men/Women and Groundkeepers, but we are so much more!

Called to be great in the Kingdom Of God (A Servant), part of a Royal Priesthood: approaching every deed and action as a act of worship, in Service to God and our Neighbor.

The purpose of this class is to inspire Trustees to approach this ministry as an act of worship unto God as we engage in group discussion concerning our responsibilities and the tasks that stand before us.

We will be withdrawing Instruction, Correction and Encouragement out of The Book Of Haggai.

Mr. James Lamontagne

#11. Prayer-Powered Addiction Recovery

The most successful addiction recovery program has always relied on prayer to “provide and sustain” permanent recovery from ‘chemical addiction’ for over 75 years. Today’s alcohol and drug crisis requires “knowledge of His will for us and the POWER to carry it out.” Jon shares over 4 decades of uninterrupted recovery experience through God, the strength of available resources and the hope laity and clergy.

This workshop is a glimpse of Jon’s 10-hour CSM-credit class at Conference Laity Academy.

CLM Jon Kirkbride Sr

#12. Sexual Misconduct in the Church

When the Worst Happens, What Do We Do? It does happen. We hear the news stories. Maybe it has happened to you or someone you know. Come learn what to do and how, we in the EPAUMC, are prepared to respond.

Rev. Allen Keller