Together Women Achieve

You are cordially invited to Together Women Achieve, the first-ever spontaneous think tank for women in technology, empowered by Dell. 

Whether you are a leader in a technical role or a “technology adjacent” professional, the challenges and opportunities that you face as a woman in tech are real. Over the years, you’ve found inspiration on the keynote stage, through TED Talks, and in the pages of ground-breaking books. Now you can find inspiration in each other.

Together Women Achieve is a gathering of professional women in technology roles who have solutions to offer and problems to solve. There is no charge for this event.

How it works:
After a welcoming, family-style breakfast, you'll contribute to a morning crowdsourcing session to determine the topics of conversation for the day.

While the agenda is being created, you’ll take part in one of four 90-minute workshops:

  • A peer-to-peer career advancement conversation, led by Lisa Martin, host of
  • Fast-track your leadership career, led by best-selling author Rashim Mogha, Sr. Director, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • How to foster a tech culture that is inclusive of women engineers, led by Giselle Valenzuela Aldridge, entrepreneur & software engineer
  • Building on your passion: How to start, develop and build your passion into an opportunity while working full time (and how to manage the money part, too!), led by Cheryl Adams, software data & AI engineer
You’ll then spend the afternoon in small roundtable sessions focused on the topics that you created during the morning crowdsourcing session.

Together, women advance. Together, women lead.

Together Women Achieve.